shivering isle complaints…

shivering isle complaints after the break…

shivering isle complaints…

so, i’m playing shivering isles (the expansion for “elder scrolls 4: oblivion”) & i must be a geek’s geek because i’m alway thinking of practical things whenever i play games like these even though it is in an entirely fictional “who cares how it works it just does” sort of fantasy setting.

for instance –

  • doesn’t anyone realize all of the architectural oddities, regardless of the fantasy la-la world that shivering isles is supposedly in? doesn’t anyone realize that actual architects would have to actually plan & build these things? anyone?
  • i love settlements & settlers that have absolutely no need for anything & provide no services. that’s freakin’ realistic. “you know, we’re in the middle of freakin’ nowhere on a freaky island… but i’m not going to ask the stranger that just walked into our settlement if she’d like to buy anything or if she has anything i’d like to buy from her.” yah.
  • no homes on the island. great. where do i put all of my stuff?

anyway, i’m playing shivering isles but i’m beginning to fade a bit from it. i might go back to the main continent for a breather. i tried searching tesnexus for some new mods but they look like they’re deflating a bit… nothing really jumped out at me & said “d/l me!” maybe the age of oblivion is finally beginning to catch up to it. maybe.


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