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obama & the “atari” comment…

sad. pathetically sad. you know, show the king of video consoles some fcuking love, dumba$$! about the only thing i can even like about such a dumba$$ comment like that is that it mentioned the word “atari.” that was it.

go back to solving the economy, the middle east crisis, the energy crisis & curing cancer. leave the atari legacy alone. bye-bye. next topic.

paula abdul doesn’t want to “be careful”…

i’d love to laugh at every single paula stupidity moment but the physiology of the human body just prevents me from laughing that hard that long without permanent physical damage.

so, paula got all bent out of shape when this one guy walked away & said “be careful.” unbeknownest to paula & everyone else with less then four functioning brain cells, that’s a commonplace departing gesture in that area (akin to “good bye,” “take care” & “so long”). nice of the american idol crew to cut the exchange that way to make the guy look like a jerk when all he was doing was auditioning like any other person. idiots.

can someone please kick paula off of the show already? please? whenever i have to deal with those pro-palin types, i just point to paula abdul & say to the effect, “you want that to lead my country for four years?” to which they usually snivel, “but that’s different!”

oh, no, it’s not… bye-bye. next topic.

wall-e & the oscars…

so, once again, another year, another diss to the animation world. “wall-e” gets dissed for best picture nods because it was computer animated & “slumdog millionaire” wasn’t. there you go. there’s your big, fat difference as to why “wall-e” gets to sit at the kiddie’s table & a bunch of idiot films get nominated instead. to wit:

  • the reader: something about kate winslet being a nazi.
  • the benjamin button movie: brad pitt under a lot of make-up & cgi, acting like a 90-year old.
  • slumdog millionaire: a british version of “who wants to be a millionaire” with some sort of ethnic backstory.
  • frost/nixon: two people in suits sitting down & having a conversation.
  • milk: the first openly-gay american politician.

every year, the oscars disappoint so, i guess, what should make this year any different?



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