soviet union v2.0…

soviet union v2.0 all after the break…

soviet union v2.0…

i think i’ve written about russia / the soviet union before. i can’t remember in which posts or whatever i’ve written about them & it’s all because i don’t put tags on my posts but that’s because i’m lazy. maybe i should start putting tags on my posts. or use google. or just have a consistent opinion so i don’t have to waste time checking to see how embarrassing any potential opinion changes are.

at any rate, i just read that some human rights lawyer & some journalist got killed by a masked gunman over in good ol’ soviet union v2.0. apparently, the ol’ soviet union (they call themselves “russia” but, really, they’re the soviet union – new name, same great taste) doesn’t like it when you contradict their official line of bullsiht with something that might actually be… oh, i don’t know… the truth.

you know, i know that a lot of soviet russkie people are reading this & thinking that i hate them or that i’m the enemy but i’m not. first off, i don’t think that the average russkie is a bad person. i don’t think that the average russkie is going to pull on a ski mask or whatever & then gun down a human rights lawyer & then gun down the journalist who has the balls to try & stop the gunman.

however, obviously, there are a bunch of really bad people over in the ol’ soviet union v2.0 who wants the official line of bullsiht to stay the official line of bullsiht.

yeah, i don’t know the full story of chechyna. or georgia (the nation, not the state). or even the recent spate with the ukraine over the whole natural gas fiasco (yeah, even though i’m an american, i try to keep up with the international news – surprising, huh?). maybe they’re all jerks. maybe they’re all wrong. that’s one possibility that i have to accept out of all of this.

however, another possibility is that the ol’ soviet union v2.0 might have more then a few skeletons in the closet when it comes to these issues & more (afghanistan, anyone?). in fact, i’m guessing that that’s probably closer to the truth then it isn’t. i’m also guessing that a lot of average russkies realize that as well.

i know you guys probably don’t want or need my advice. however, i’m going to give it anyway. here it is –

own up to the reality that you guys have problems. big problems. the more you shy away from them, the worse you look. hey, who better to know about this then the nation that’s been in a huge pile of wet feces for eight full years? right?

the difference between you & us is that we, as a nation & not just as individual citizens of a country, can recognize that we can be jerks. huge jerks. huge jerks that can back over a cute, adorable kitten with a tank – accidental or otherwise. we have the capacity to change, even when that change is a long time in coming & should darn well have arrived a lot sooner then it did.

you guys don’t have that yet. the average russkie? sure, you know the difference between right & wrong. why wouldn’t you? russia as a nation, though? no, you aren’t there. not yet.

you guys have to ask yourselves how many dead lawyers, dead journalists & dead whomever it’s going to take before the average russkie starts being that extraordinary russkie that starts naming names & taking action to change things so that journalists can be journalists, lawyers can be lawyers & russkies can walk the streets with some semblance of dignity & pride because, right now, you guys don’t have that.

enough talk. ain’t my nation. ain’t my problem. it’s your problem. fix it.


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