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what constitution?, shivering isles (first impressions) & the return of oblivion all after the break…

what constitution?…

i must’ve heard this wrong. actually, i’m hoping i heard this wrong but after eight years of the retarded cowboy & his crippled sidekick… who knows?

ok, i don’t know what it’s like in other countries but here in the us, there’s this generally accepted notion that the cops can’t simply barge in on you & search your belongings, looking for something illegal. can’t do it. they have to get what’s normally called a “search warrant” & the warrant has to be pretty specific – it can’t just be “we think this guy is guilty,” it’s got to be “we think this guy is guilty because of such-and-such evidence.” a judge has to look it over, sign off on it, the whole bit.

yeah, a lawyer can explain all that better but it gets you close enough to where you want to go. onwards.

so, what happened not too long ago was that the police had this warrant to be served still on their computers even though they had already served it quite a while ago. the warrant should’ve been wiped out but it wasn’t. a fresh pair of eyes look at this warrant & go, “oh, crap, we’ve got to serve this warrant.” so, they go & they serve the warrant & they find drugs. they arrest the guy. then, the defense lawyers notice that the warrant was already served some time ago – the police had effectively used a search warrant twice.

the supreme court has handed down that the cops can still use all the stuff they found in the second search warrant even though the warrant wasn’t legit at all because it had already been served. now, i’m not a pro-drug guy by any stretch of the imagination; if the guy’s dealing, he ought to go to jail & if he’s abusing, he ought to go get help because the stuff does nothing but mess up your life.


this ruling is just wrong on so many levels. this is “patriot act” bs to the highest stench. so, a cop’s incompetence is legit as long as they find something illegal. great. so much for having a constitution. who needs “constitutional conventions” (religious nutcase verbage for re-writing the constitution) when you’ve got the supreme court more then willing to do that for us?

shivering isles (first impressions)…

well, being interested in all of the expansion stuff, i’ve been exploring shivering isles. my first thoughts –

  • smaller then i thought it was going to be. i mean, really… this is what counts as an “expansion” nowadays? i know, i know… i’m seeing new animals & trees & plants & crap, but… it’s not exactly it’s own place, is it? except for one city, there’s really nothing here…
  • i’ll never understand the gameplay theory of “no individual person wants to trade anymore.” i just don’t understand it, especially in a world-ish-like island sort of place like the shivering isles. i know that there could be some high-fallutin’ explanation like “everyone on the island is insane” or some rubbish like that, but… can you imagine the logic…?

“gee… here’s someone new in our village.”

“you know, i really need some new farming equipment… but i’m going give him a quest to retrieve some trinket instead.”

note: for whatever reason, wordpress is freaking out. let me save this post to see just how bad this post is screwed up.

the return of oblivion…

so, anyone who reads this blog regularly (read: no one) will know that i got a bit frustrated when i tried to install “knights of the nine” most of the dlcs (horse armor will never be welcome on my hd) & “shivering isles.” the end result was that my wonderful oblivion world, as stitched together with duct tape as it was, crashed & burned with absolutely no hope of recovery. grrrr.

now calmer & more serene then in the past, i re-installed oblivion after 2+ hours of work. i’m still not 100% there – my older save games won’t load (naturally) & i get crash-to-desktops whenever i exit the game but it’s better then nothing. it’s also better then fallout 3.

what’s that? yeah, you heard me – i’m tired of “fallout 3.” i can’t even call it a successor to fallout. it has fallout-y characters & mythos but… it just doesn’t feel… fallout. it’s as though i took over the star wars franchise. sure, i could write about luke skywalker & han solo & all that happy crapola but… it wouldn’t be… star wars. it wouldn’t have that invisible but highly sought-after “seal of approval.”

besides, i got tired of “and today’s batch of mods all have player homes that are really vaults that are really just slight alterations of the vault 74 tutorial.”


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