jabaco all after the break…


i’ll admit it – when it comes to programming languages, i’m stupid. i don’t have any pride in this department. sure, i suppose the new “man pride” might be computers just like the males in the 1950’s had cars or whatever but i couldn’t care less.

i program in visual basic. no visual basic, no programming.

yeah, i know – i’m “stoopid.” i tried java. it didn’t work out. i tried c++. didn’t work either.

i’m just a hobbyist programmer &, i suppose, if i was stuck in a shack for the rest of my life & all i had was c++ or java or [fill in your favorite programming language here], then i’d probably do ok at it. but i’m not stuck in a shack &, quite frankly, i don’t want to devote the rest of my life towards learning a programming language just to be “ok” at it.

i was good at visual basic &, at moments, i’d like to think that i was a bit better then just good. no, not as good as the experts who could pull obscure microsoft trickery out of their butts to do all sorts of things that vb was never intended to do but i’d like to think that i achieved more of my goals in vb then i couldn’t. quite frankly, that’s good enough for me.

so, when vb6 died & microsoft cranked out visual fred (aka “vb.net”), well, hard as i might, i just couldn’t wrap my head around all of the changes. trust me – i tried.

it was a fairly dark time for me, being a vb refugee. other basic-like programs came close but, regrettably, never close enough.

until now.

i think i have found the first vb clone that’s close enough to be a vb clone to actually “be” a bona fide vb clone.

it’s called “jabaco.” wow. it’s so close to vb that i can, literally, port my vb programs over to it with little to no modification.


ok, it’s not a perfect clone. it’s not a 1:1 copy of vb. three examples i’ve seen thus far that deviates from normal vb:

  1. putting things in “form_load()” tends not to work.
  2. you have to “call” subroutines, not just write the subroutine (as in “call your-procedure-name” as opposed to “your-procedure-name.”
  3. there’s currently a wonky way in order to load a picture into a picture control. this, though, might get fixed in future versions. or not.

for now, i’m giving this programming language & it’s creator the benefit of the doubt. golly, i hope this thing is supported for a long time to come.

yea. i have a programming language again. don’t laugh.



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