worker’s hall (fallout 3 mod)…

workers’ hall (fallout 3 mod) all after the break…

workers’ hall (fallout 3 mod)…

another day, another fallout 3 mod review. i won’t be able to keep this up because, unfortunately, reality will hit in a few days. however, while i have the free time… why not? onto the review…


  • workers’ hall (v0.1)


  • “meep”


  • a small vault next to rivet city that can be used as a free home, guarded by 3 raiders on the outside & two turrets that can be hacked on the inside. has an uber-small quest attached to it that i wasn’t able to complete (even though i explored the whole place).

main review:

let me write this up front – include a readme with your mod that tells the player where to find your siht! look, easter egg hunts are cute when you’re a kid. some people really like that whole “da vinci code” crap & i’m sure there are people out there who wake up early just to get a jump on completing their latest sudoku puzzle. good for fcuking them! however, for the rest of us, we don’t have hours to waste finding your building! give us a hint, throw us a lifeline… time’s a wastin’. if not for the screenshot on fallout3nexus that pretty much gave it away that it was next to rivet city (aka a big aircraft carrier), i wouldn’t have found it short of going into the “geck” (the construction set for fallout 3).

that said, this mod is titled “worker’s hall” & is essentially a building mod (in this case, a non-vault shelter) with an uber-small & simple quest attached to it called “exploring worker’s hall.” your quest is to… what else? explore worker’s hall.

getting into the vault is not as simple as ringing the door bell. first, you have to dispatch 3 raiders who are holed up in front of the shelter door proper. fortunately, lighting is poor in the small bracket-shaped tunnel leading to the shelter door & i have l33t sniping skills. raiders are now dismissed from class. are we done yet? nah.

next, you have to actually pick the lock on the shelter door to get inside. ok, this is the first “amateur hour” moment of the mod.

look at it from my perspective – you’ve got 3 raiders all outside the door to this shelter. why are they there? are they waiting for more raiders to come by & break down the door? are they trying to break in themselves? are they simply using the tunnel as their home base? make me a story! give me something to go on! i hate it when people simply drop bandits (oblivion, fallout 3 or otherwise) into a place with absolutely no known backstory. it pisses me off to no end. put a holotape on one of the raiders saying, “hey, we’re sending over our best lockpicking guy to see if we can break into this thing. good find!” maybe they have a brief conversation about what to do next now that they’ve found this shelter. maybe you put a key on one of them & they’re just guarding the place for someone else (like the rest of their gang) to arrive. i dunno. be creative.

anyway, so, we enter the shelter & get the quest called “exploring worker’s hall.” great.

the shelter itself… well, i hate to go into architecture but i do have some quibbles with it. amongst the quibbles:

  • no first-aid kits anywhere except the medical room in the “hidden” area (more on the hidden area later).
  • no fire extinguishers anywhere at all that i could find. apparently, they don’t expect to put out fires.
  • no wastepaper baskets that i could remember. apparently, people don’t throw things out in the future.
  • the “bedroom crevices” are a bit too wasteful space-wise for a shelter. also, why are there only 3 of them? are only three people going to be occupying this shelter? i thought that the whole motif was that a bunch of port workers would be here.
  • if there’s only three beds (i’m presuming all male), then both the bathroom & the cafeteria are way too large. what? does each person get their own personal toilet & booth? i’m guessing that the occupants were all male since there’s only one bathroom.
  • imagine being injured for a moment – you’d have to be taken into the shelter & down a flight of stairs in order to get to the medical “room” (which, btw, is at the end of a hallway). not good planning on the part of the shelter builders.
  • if this place was going to be a base for port workers to work out from, they’d also have to use those stairs a lot because it seems that all of their equipment would need to be down there. trust me – you don’t want to be hauling heavy equipment up & down stairs all day long… i’ve done that before. legs tire out a lot faster then you think…

ok, you get the drift. onto part 2.

so, i explore the top part of this shelter & i keep seeing red markers indicating trouble. are there more raiders? nah. the top part of the shelter is clear. in my local map, i can see that i’m missing out on some rooms because i can’t get to them, though. is there a secret wall? that’d be cool – a known common area & then a “panic room” part of the shelter if it’s ever compromised.

about a minute before i hit “tcl” in the console to do some “spiritual” exploring, i find the switch that opens up the floor in the first room of the shelter, leading to a staircase. good deal. there’s a microcomputer terminal at the end of the staircase that can be hacked so that the two turrets you’re about to discover (the trouble i could see earlier in my compass but couldn’t find) won’t fire at you.

this lower part of the shelter is, essentially, one hallway with many small rooms that serves as your gargantuan storage space. pack-rats, rejoice! you shall never run out of room unless you intend to pack everything not nailed down into the rooms in this hallway. down here, there’s also a holo-tape that indicates the shelter was ready for occupation but, tragically, never filled.

and… the end. that’s the shelter. i couldn’t complete the quest even though i explored all of the rooms. i don’t know.. maybe it’s just me.

so, in conclusion:

  • if you want a free house right next to rivet city & don’t mind killing 3 raiders for it, then here it is.

my advice for v0.2:

  • backstory on the raiders. give the raiders a reason for being there. it can be subtle, it can be obvious… but give it a backstory. otherwise, why do they need to be there?
  • the interior decorating / architecture quibbles. yes, they’re quibbles but they’re quibbles that take you out of the realism (yes, realism in the context of fallout 3, granted) of being in a shelter. did i mention all of the computer equipment in the first room of the shelter? well… there’s enough quibbles already to look into without introducing that one…
  • backstory on the shelter. one holo-tape does not a story make. who was planning to be there? why? maybe have a holo-tape from the construction company saying things like, “hey, the company screwed up & gave us an extra jukebox. where do you want it?” or something like that. or, add one of those microcomputer terminals that can be read.

so, that’s my review. the end.


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