back to tranquility lane (fallout 3 mod)…

back to tranquility lane (fallout 3 mod) all after the break…

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back to tranquility lane (fallout 3 mod)…


  • back to tranquility lane (v1.0)


  • “regent eagle”


  • by wearing a magical hat (found in the town of “minefield” at the gibson house), you are transported to a dead but colorful re-creation of a pre-war suburban environment. the place can be used as a gigantic home and/or escape clause should the combat not be going your way.

main review:

the “geck” (think oblivion’s “tes construction set” but for fallout 3 & you’ve nailed it) hasn’t been out for even one month so i can’t complain about the lack of mods. also, the whole sword & sorcery genre (the setting for the gameĀ  “oblivion”) traditionally seems to give the most people the most wood so i’m sure a game set in a post-apocalyptic setting isn’t going to ignite a fire under people to create mods for it.

regardless, the game “fallout 3” has a brief quest that magically transports you back to a pre-war phase in the fallout 3 history timeline that’s a cross-between the tv show “leave it to beaver” & what the 1950’s thought that the future would be like. unfortunately, that phase is in the sepia tone typical of black-&-white televisions (yes, kids, they really did exist – i owned one) from the 1950’s & is bit more darker thematically as well.

this mod allows you to go to a copy of that world (a copy, mind you – the “real” area that this mod emulates remains untouched) with the added benefit of it being in full color with no quests or people around. take off the magical hat & *poof!* you’re back in the real fallout 3 world, right where you left it.

since it’s not a quest mod, i can’t really judge it from a “dang! where’s all the interactivity?!” perspective but, dang, there’s no interactivity in the mod at all. the mod is pretty but it has absolutely no life – a swing set that you can’t sit on & swing, a metal slide that you can’t slide down, cars that you can’t get in & drive… you get the drift. sinks & toilets work (not necessarily for what they’re intended for in domesticated life) but that’s only because fallout 3 has that functionality already.

the only scale i can really judge this mod on is overall beauty. in a phrase, if this is a bit-for-bit copy of the real area of fallout 3 called “tranquility lane” (with the exception of color), then this mod needs to start over because i can not stand the architecture of those homes! here’s a partial list of my grievences over these houses –

  • no garages for the cars! come on!
  • interiors of the houses are clearly larger then the exteriors.
  • no second door out of these houses. can you say “fire hazard?”
  • only one house has a basement? where’s the washer & dryer? where’s the oil (or retro-futuristic equivalent) furnace?
  • poorly furnished – it looks like these houses were abandoned, not lived in.

i could continue but, why bother? these houses need some serious help if they want to be credible houses. heck, even the fences are crooked! at least even out the landscape so that the fences don’t look like last-second “get that intern to add some fences to those properties” alterations.

about the only technical glitch i could see was a drinking glass hovering over a sink in one of the houses (i forget which – there’s only 5 houses & it ain’t the abandoned house so you have a 25% chance of getting it right on the first try).

oh, and the abandoned house – wtf is up with that? if the whole point of the mod is to be overly bright & cheerful, the abandoned house throws an ominously cold & wet blanket onto that particular bit of foreplay.

ok, i’m tired of writing so, here’s what i’d do if i was making this mod –

  • fix the houses! get some real floorplans from the 1950’s & then get to work.
  • fix the floating glass over the sink.
  • either clean up the abandoned house or get rid of it – it detracts from the overall theme of the mod unless you want something sinister & ominous on the horizon.
  • add some life to this land! there’s nothing to do!
  • put some life into those houses! add a holo-tape or a microcomputer that has notes or… or something! anything! it’s dead in there!

parting thoughts:

if you really want to cheat your way through some tough times in fallout 3, there’s nothing stopping you from using this mod. get into a fight that you can’t win on the first crack – this mod helps you with that. need a house but you don’t want to jump through the hoops to get one in megaton or super-duper mart or wherever – this mod helps you with that.

otherwise, i just can’t recommend this mod. it looks pretty but it’s lifeless. hopefully, v1.1 adds some “inner” color to a mod that has a lot of visual color.


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