brake down…

brake down & finer living update…

brake down…

a comedian once said (in so many words or more) that all males eventually reach an age where they realize that they won’t be the starting center fielder for their favorite baseball team.

for me, i’ve reached the age where i know i’ll never be a mechanic.

i know how to change brakes. i know how to change oil. i know how to do all the basic stuff. change a transmission? ha ha, but no. body work? nope. any task that requires a tool that doesn’t come in one of those 120-piece tool sets? probably not.

so, today, one of my brake pads decided it didn’t want to be a part of the car anymore & broke apart. yeah. that doesn’t tend to happen a lot in car-land. it fell onto the road.

my dad pieced together the sad story – apparently, one of my brake pads was slowly cracking & it finally shattered, deciding that the shattering would take place on the road. fortunately, i never had to experience it – earlier in the day, when trying to go to work, the brake pad dislodged itself & made it feel like i had no brakes at all.

so, the morale of the story is… it might not be your brake lines, it may be the brake pads themselves. check them for cracks.


finer living update…

i was going to do a “non deck chair” thing but i was too late in calling a place. maybe tomorrow. otherwise, i expect another deck chair 2.0 kind of day.


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