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gaza meltdown, oblivion can go blow itself, fallout 3 sideways hat, finer living updates #1 & #2 all after the break…

gaza meltdown…

you know, i live in a land where jews can do no wrong & so, by extension, the “state” of israel (it’s really a country but, for some reason, it keeps being referred to as a “state”) can do no wrong.


personally, i don’t care what you believe in. a white man with a long flowing beard created the universe. a flying spaghetti monster created the universe. one was invented many centuries ago. another was invented only a few years ago. just because some are more deluded to believe in one then the other doesn’t validate that particular idea.

folks – no god, no deity, no invisible friend granted anyone anything. that’s the reality. don’t like it? then you don’t like reality.

i’m not even going to explain the current gaza meltdown. read about it all you want in the trillions of whatevers that are reporting about it. my advice?

to the jews – you don’t “own” israel. surprise! you don’t own it! no magical, imaginary friend of yours told you that it’s yours to keep. just like radical muslims & radical christians, the radical part of your religion is making the rest of you look really, really stupid. one of the main reasons why people hate the concept of jews is that there’s this perception that jews are always trying to “game” the system in their favor at the direct expense of others or, to put it a bit more bluntly, they’re the original scientologists.

here’s a plan for you – admit that you’re wrong. surprise! instead of building bigger fences & bigger bombs (which, by the way, history has shown doesn’t work), just admit what the rest of the world has been whispering to itself for the past sixty years or so – that you whine too much too loudly. yes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease but a wheel that squeaks too often soon finds itself replaced.

to the american politicians – shut the fcuk up. shut up. i didn’t vote for you so that you could be israel’s rubber stamp. i voted for you so that you could fix this fcuking country that you yourselves have damaged quite extensively. from our threadbare economy, our crumbling infrastructure, our ineffective education system, our floundering space program (“floundering” might be putting it too eloquently), our pathetic excuse for border security… well, the list is far longer then i have the will to type. at the end of the day, though, you (yes, you, the politician) caused it because you were paying attention towards getting re-elected rather then doing what you were elected to do, which is manage the affairs of the people… our people on this continent, not a group of religious nutcases half a world away. if i want you to give two sihts about a sliver of sandy coastline in a land far away, i’ll vote for you to be shipped over there so that you can stay there… permanently. so, for now, perhaps it’s best if you concentrate all of your rhetorical energies on something a bit more productive, say… everything else but. think you can handle that?

until people start seeing reality, this crap is going to continue, the hate is going to continue & the suffering is going to continue. that’s reality. no wall, no bulldozer, no u.n. resolution, no whatever is going to stop that. deal with it.

oblivion can go blow itself…

so, attempt #2 at placing oblivion back onto my computer failed. it took me almost two hours to perform the following, in order:

  • install oblivion.
  • install the v1.1 patch for oblivion.
  • install knights of the nine + all of the dlc (except horse armor – i am never installing horse armor unless someone gives me a big bag o’ money).
  • install shivering isles.
  • install the shivering isles version of the v1.2.0416 patch.
  • install obscuro’s oblivion overhaul v1.33.

did it run? did it run after all of that? fcuk no! siht, i can’t even get to the fcuking load screen! wtf?!!

so, “attempt #3” is going to take the process one little tiny baby step at a time. load oblivion v1.0. can i at least get into that? good. add the v1.1 patch. can i still get into oblivion? good. load knights of the nine. can i get into that? you get the message.

fallout 3 sideways hat…

update! ok, i figured it out. here’s what you do – there’s an option when you make apparel (like hats) called “biped model list.” fill it in with the appropriate choice (like, for instance, with pre-war baseball caps you’d select “repairhatbaseballcap”). there you go, that’s how you wear your baseball caps (and probably everything else) the right way.

oh, also… you can’t “fill up” your apparel with enchantm… oops, i mean, well, whatever “fallout 3” calls enchantments. i think the limit is 4 enchantments, even though you’re given space for far more.

between attempts #2 & #3 of resuscitating oblivion back to life, i’ve been fooling around with the “geck construction kit” for fallout 3. it is literally the “tes construction kit” for fallout 3. if you know “tes construction kit,” you know “geck.” it’s just that simple (the program isn’t simple, but the analogy… oh, forget it…)

however, my limited modding skills has come across a huge stumbling block – specifically, all of my baseball caps are coming out… sideways. that’s right, when i go to put on baseball caps that i’ve made, they always turn out to magically hover sideways to the left of my character (as though looking from the back of the character). weird. weird & frustrating.

finer living update #1…

the word is deck chair, although i did devour through my mail particularly quickly, replacing my shiny new insurance card & promptly destroying the old one. gotta have your priorities. i’ve also done all the usual “new-old” routines as well.

finer living update #2…

once again, the word is deck chair. in fact, i’m going to invent a new word for this – “deck chair 2.0.” therefore, today was deck chair 2.0.


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