oblivion meltdown…

oblivion meltdown, fallout 3 first impressions & a finer living update all after the break…

oblivion meltdown…

so, i’ve completely deleted oblivion from my hard drive. ok, not completely, i still have the save game files. why? because, had everything gone according to plan, i’d be playing shivering isles right about now.

that’s right. i’ve got the “full monty” of official oblivion experience at my fingertips – oblivion, knights of the nine, all of the dlc (downloadable content) & the shivering isles expansion. all of it.

however, when i added the goodies to my oblivion experience, my set-up imploded. i couldn’t continue on with many of my games. even the games that i could continue eventually crashed the next time i went back into them.


i tried uninstalling & re-installing & who knows what other computer kama sutra positions to get the darn thing to work. it couldn’t.

so, i have wiped my computer clean of oblivion. wiped it clean.

maybe i’ll try re-installing the fcuker tomorrow. just for fun. just to see the dang thing implode.

dang it.

fallout 3 first impressions…

somehow, i got fallout 3 for christmas. not to make a short story long & agonizing, but there was a miscommunication between myself & santa. i think that’s the most diplomatic way of putting things. if i knew i was going to get fallout, i would’ve saved them the trouble of getting something else.

anyhow, here are my impressions of fallout 3 so far, since it’s the only bethesda game that hasn’t imploded on me yet! hint, hint!

  • very dark. very grey. am i missing something?
  • you didn’t need to hire qui-gon for the cameo voice-over, dumba$$es. i swear, who is getting the boner at bethesda for overpriced movie stars & their “day in sweatpants” voice-overs? for the price of a qui-gon, you could’ve gotten a bevy of real voice actors. game executives are such idiots… “oh, i was going to get fallout 3 but it doesn’t have qui-gon in it. i guess i’ll buy some crack instead with that money…”
  • wearing clothes is the new enchanted spell. i didn’t know a baseball cap could make me so personable…

all in all, i’m glad i’m playing something but it isn’t fallout. you know, i could hire an artist to draw luke skywalker wearing a tuxedo but, although it would look like luke skywalker wearing a tuxedo, it wouldn’t be luke skywalker wearing a tuxedo. it wouldn’t feel canon, as though george lucas himself said, “you know, let’s have luke skywalker wear a tuxedo.”

bethesda made a game called “fallout 3” but they didn’t make “fallout 3.” if you understand, great; if you don’t understand, then you weren’t there.

update in finer living…

i’m still pursuing the finer life but simply pushing it into a short update then a main update. all in all, it was a deck chair day (regulars will understand) with the exception of the oblivion deletion. although, admittedly, today’s deck chairs are a lot more non-deck chair then what i used to do… which is a nice thing.

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