adventures in finer living, part 21…

adventures in finer living all after the break…

adventures in finer living, part 21…

ok… a rung above “deck chair,” but only a rung. at this point, i’ve sort of established some behavioral changes that i hope stick around:

  • brushing of the teeth as soon as i know i’ve eaten my last meal of the day.
  • brushing of the pets & scratching post area on a daily basis.
  • dealing with all mail promptly (partially done before this but now much more so & with non-bill mail as well).
  • changing into sleepwear the moment i know that i know longer need work clothes.
  • going to bed earlier (which translates into longer sleep times & more energy in the morning).
  • faster morning routine (which ultimately means getting to work sooner & more work accomplished).

on a task-by-task basis, i’ve also been a bit more aggressive with some other projects that shall not be named here.

anyway, after 3 some-odd weeks… not bad. not good, but not bad. i can do better.

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