adventures in finer living, part 10…

adventures in finer living & greek riots all after the break…

adventures in finer living, part 10…

i did a lot of responsible things today. i cut my fingernails (they were getting long-ish). i quickly processed a bunch of mail that came in today. in general, i’ve just been “on the ball”-ish today. ok, slightly towards the end of “deck chair” but preventing future mess by cleaning up present mess must count for something, right?

greek riots…

i’m always a little paranoid when people from some other part of the world are gathered in streets to protest but they aren’t protesting us. that’s just freaky. i mean… everyone protests us… what could be so horrible that they actually protest something that is not us?

from my limited understanding of the situation, some teenager in greece got shot by two police officers & all of greece’s teens are just up in arms over it & protesting. i guess protests (as in the classical street protests) are some sort of culture or tradition in greece because they have them a lot when they’re angry at the government.

still, i’d like to know what burning a car or destroying some storefront has to do with protesting a government. i mean… it’s someone’s car… that has nothing to do with the government. why are you burning someone’s car if your target is the government? this is why i could never be part of a protest because people in protests do the most idiotic things.

“gee, i really hate the national government… i know, let’s totally trash that completely unrelated small business across the street.”


see? i just can’t do that. i can’t make that leap from “hate national government” to “‘let’s trash that guy’s [insert noun here].” i’d be a really lousy protester. that’s probably why i don’t really protest because i just can’t be so unfocused.

anyway, i hope you guys in greece calm down & not hurt yourselves. i ain’t taking sides because i don’t know the full story but i’m sure you guys will work it out somehow. you’re greece, after all, the place where togas were invented &, by extension, toga parties. you should be proud of your toga heritage.

you know, on a completely almost-unrelated note… you guys ought to sue ancient rome because i could never really tell ancient greece & ancient rome apart. i mean, they totally stole your intellectual property, like togas & gods & stone columns & stuff. i think you guys could really win in court if you sued them for plagarism. you ought to see if the statute of limitations has run out on that yet or not.


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