adventures in finer living, part 1…

adventures in finer living, part 1 after the break…

adventures in finer living, part 1…

i got real bent out of shape yesterday for a reason i don’t completely understand. i guess i was just tired of using the internet like a crack addict uses crack or an alcoholic uses alcohol.

therefore, i’ve resolved myself to break my yearly new year’s promise of being a better person even before new year’s ever arrives.

yesterday, i cleaned up a part of my desk that hasn’t been cleaned in a while. also, i sorted through some paperwork that needed to be sorted through about six months prior & filed it away. yeah, i know… “re-arranging deck chairs on the titanic” but you have to start somewhere & if you re-arrange enough deck chairs then, after awhile, you gain the confidence to do something actually meaningful.

i don’t know what i’ll do tonight but i’ll do something productive that doesn’t involve the internet, computing or gaming.



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