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genetic (doom 3 mod), joke about EPCOT Center, thanksgiving & black friday all after the break…

genetic (doom 3 mod)…

i was going to try to play an oblivion mod but here’s the problem with oblivion mods that i keep running into:

  • they always seem to require the shivering isles expansion which won’t be available to me until 12/25/08 (hint, hint). i’m also beginning to think that the whole oblivion mod scene is beginning to slow down now that fallout 3 has come out (much like the morrowind scene slowed down after oblivion came out).
  • can anyone explain to me why these designers simply don’t convert their mods into omods? really, i have no patience taking an hour (or however long it feels like) in order to add & remove files to play a mod that, in all likelihood, is going to suck. with omods, it’s just plug-n-play. it’s just… that… easy. i’d be more then willing to play a bunch of these mods if they were omods. oh well. maybe later.

so, i figure i’d play a game where the mods really are plug-n-play. i still haven’t deleted doom 3 off of my hard drive after the travesty known as the “dark mod” beta (here’s hoping that someday someone gets a clue & delivers some nice old school thief gameplay without needing a system that can launch the space shuttle). so, therefore, i’m plowing through some doom 3 mods of old in the hopes of wasting time rather then doing something constructive with my life.

genetic is an old doom 3 mod back from the year 2005 (did i mention old? yeah) & it’s a “preview,” whatever that means. i think it just means that if you see a map or gameplay glitch, it’s ok because it’s just a preview. whatever.

the plot is razor-thin & it doesn’t matter. just think of it as the game “f.e.a.r.” if it had somehow merged with doom 3 enemies & art assets. you’re running around an office environment killing zombies of all types.

a tip of the hat whoever made this because, clearly, they’re better then me. enough said. however, you don’t need to look hard to start finding the flaws. early on, a zombie is trapped in a doorless room that you can peer through thanks to some wavy & indestructible glass. ok. also, some of the walls weren’t constructed quite right, resulting in little lines that unnaturally form diagonally across them.

a thing i hate about console games emerges here, where you go through a section, wipe out the enemies, get something & then have to go back through the section with enemies anew. stop it. stupid people.

the level is fairly convincing with only the occasional art or mesh hiccup (see zombie & wall examples above). there’s a bit too much of “enemy magically appears in your line of sight after you flip the trigger in the room” that goes on. also, the use of magic & invisible walls is stretched beyond believability in a few places (as in, “why can’t i crawl over this barrier that barely extends above my knees?”).

i haven’t completed this mod but i’m guessing that, if i did, i’d be entertained by all manners of zombies popping out of the woodwork. there’s no storyline here to compel me to play further on so i might play a few more minutes of it & then dump it. it’s a good time waster but with a little more polish (who am i kidding, it’s from 2005 – like this guy is going to go back & brush up his mod just because of me) it can definitely be a shining gem in the fading doom3 mod scene.

joke about EPCOT Center…

i just read a pretty funny joke about EPCOT Center (yes, i respect it that much to capitalize it) online. here it goes:

q : when’s the best time to go to EPCOT Center?

a : 1989.

sad, but so painfully true, unfortunately…


can’t someone intelligent put this holiday on a friday? look, i get it – “thanksigiving is always on the third thursday of november” or some happy crap like that because some president said so. great for that president but he didn’t work a 9 to 5 like the rest of us schleps. so, here’s the reality of the “it must be on thursday” shenanigans…

  • most people take friday off. why? because they can & they’re lazy. that’s why. less productivity for all of you business-friendly conservative types out there.
  • most people mentally take wednesday off, too. why? because they can & they’re lazy. that’s why. less produ… crap, i could’ve just cut-&-paste from above. actually, this is the “traveling” day for those people wanting to go someplace far away for thanksgiving.

so, in short, a holiday that doesn’t really mean much to a lot of people anymore (let’s face it – football & early dinners with relatives that you can’t stand or don’t see enough of to not stand) wound up taking up to 3 days off. not exactly efficient, is it?

my solution – put thanksgiving on a friday. look, all of you purists out there can go put a sock in it. if thanksgiving is on a friday, the “traveling” day is on a thursday. there’s no real incentive to take an additional day off. the “black friday” stupidity all happens on a weekend when people have time off to begin with. it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

as far as i’m concerned, this should be for all holidays. christmas, new year’s (yes, new year’s)… you name it. put it on a friday.

black friday…

welcome to one of the most retarded days of the year. just to let you in on the secret, “black friday” is the day after thanksgiving. a lot of stores offer huge sales on this day as it is the first “unofficial” shopping day of the christmas season. it’s usually characterized by mass stupidity, with people waiting outside many hours in the dark & cold for stores to open up so that they can be the first to get whatever trinket they want to get.

first off, i don’t understand why there aren’t deals like these all-year round.

second, i’m tired of writing. i’ll get back to this at some other point.

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