mumbai after the break…


dang. well, i don’t know what to write. you guys over in mumbai have my sympathies. it sucks that you guys have to deal with the terrorists, too.

just to let everyone else in on the secret – a bunch of terrorists hit a bunch of locations in a city called mumbai in india. hotels, trains, a hospital… they even hijacked a police van & shot people while driving it. nasty.

i know that we’re all supposed to be stupid americans but even i know about the whole india/pakistan/kashmir thing that’s constantly going down in that region. right now, i guess, no one knows if it’s a hindi vs. muslim thing or if it’s an al-queda (it seems like there’s 40 different ways to spell that stupid name – can you guys pick one & stick with it?) thing or what.

well, anyway, i know that there’s casualities & injuries & stuff over there. i feel sad for those who lost loved ones; that truly sucks & you have my deepest sympathies (yah, i know – some anonymous blogger just felt sorry for you – huge boost, right?). if your loved one is injured, i hope that they recover.

as for the terrorists, ask yourself this question – have i just done anything positive for my religion / country? odds are, you haven’t. you just pissed off a whole bunch of people who are going to hate you even more then they did yesterday. yah, i know – i’m an american & everyone hates us. and you’re right – sometimes we do some pretty dumb@ss things. like start wars that we shouldn’t. although, you do have to admit – saddam wasn’t exactly the nicest guy. sure, starting a whole war based off of that is still sort of lame but, hey – next time, get a dictator that at least farts in the direction of kindness every now & then, ok?

where was i? oh, yeah – the whole mumbai terrorist thing. well, it sucks. you have my sympathies. there’s not much that i can do except to say that america won’t have any idiots in office in about 2 months.

help is on the way.

and, no, there’s nothing i can do speed up the inaugeration date, either. i checked already.


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