merging documents in openoffice…

merging documents in openoffice after the break…

merging documents in openoffice…

yeah, i know… “really hot topic.” not as wonderful as, say, “megan fox caught nude! w00t!” or anything like that.

seriously, i was dabbling with openoffice (btw, openoffice is a free – yes, free office productivity suite for your computer – think “windows office” except for free & you’re close enough) when i stumbled upon a disturbing reality: i had no way of merging two documents together.

let’s go over symantics for a moment – “merging two documents together,” in my mind, means “a + b = ab.” that’s my definition of merging. apparently, i found out that merging also means “version 1 of a document + version 2 of that same document = version 1.5 of the document.” i know, it’s as lame as i wrote it but that’s how they use the word “merge.”

so, after going on line & not finding the solution, performing unsuccessful trial by error crapola that didn’t work (that’s why it was unsuccessful, btw), i stumbled upon the solution. here is that solution. are you ready?

  1. go into either of the documents that you want merged with another document.
  2. place the cursor where you want the other document to begin (in front of the other document, behind, in between, wherever…).
  3. go to the “insert” menu, then drop down to “file” (last option in “insert” menu).
  4. go to the file you want inserted.

voila. you are done. two documents “merged.”

yeah, not as exciting as an 8 x 10 glossy of one of megan fox’s nipples, but pretty nice nonetheless. consider yourself educated.


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