jonestown all after the break…


30 years ago tomorrow, we “celebrate” one of the biggest religious fcuk-ups in modern history.

first off, i truly send my condolences to all who lost loved ones in the jonestown mass suicide. not fun. you have my sympathies.

second, for the n00bs who don’t want to go to wikipedia, “jonestown” refers to a place in guyana (that’s a country in south america) where a cult leader (jim jones) brought a whole lot of his followers in an attempt to make a “paradise.” it didn’t work out so well, the leader turned out to be your typical cult leader wacko & after a congressman was killed attempting to investigate the place, the leader ordered everyone to commit suicide &… here’s the kicker… they actually did.

i’ll never understand why people go into these cults to begin with.

i was going to write something long-winded & philosophical about the whole tragedy but i won’t. i think the tragedy speaks for itself.

sadly, i think the world still has a couple of mass suicides left in it before we finally learn our lesson about dealing with cults & whomever.


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