gaming hypocracy…

gaming hypocracy after the break…

gaming hypocracy…

i could’ve written about the breaking news of hillary clinton being offered the secretary of state position. nah.

i could’ve written about the increase of attacks by somali pirates off the somali coast (aka “horn of africa”). nah.

the cratering of the world economy? boring.

let’s write about something really important – the state of gaming hypocracy. check it –

bioshock – the game disappointed me enough to stop playing it. i’ve only learned recently that the powers that be (whomever they are) decided to lift the draconian rule of limited installs. that’s right – you’ve “earned” the right to install your own legally-purchased game onto your computer as many times as you want without kissing the posterior of 2k.

of course, they still haven’t released a level editor (who’d possibly want something as trivial as that?).

fallout 3 – still no word on if/when modding tools will be available. i’m guessing that you’ll have to pay for them in fallout 3’s version of “horse armor.”

i’m too tired to write anymore.


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