too much to ask…

too much to ask after the break…

too much to ask…

is it too much to ask…

  • …for you not to speak a foreign language when you know others around you can’t understand what you’re talking about?
  • …for women to refrain from their btichiness just long enough to at least pretend to be professional when around other workers?
  • …to stop pestering me with “deals” & “opportunities” even though we both know that i’m not going to accept them?
  • …to at least stay two car lengths from my back bumper when you’re tailgating me?
  • …to use your turn signal when you’re supposed to?
  • …to put on your headlights when you’re supposed to?
  • …to turn your high beams off when you’re supposed to?
  • …to actually look both ways carefully before pulling out onto the road?
  • …to not use phrases like “breaking news” & “developing news” unless you actually mean it?
  • …for you to remove those stupid “speed bumps” in parking lots where they make absolutely no difference at all except to ruin tires & waste my time?
  • …for you to turn your cell phone off when you’re at work so i don’t hear your fcuking ringtone so many times i can whistle it in my sleep?

just asking… don’t take offence.


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