doom 3 flashlights…

doom 3 flashlights all after the break…

doom 3 flashlights…

i’m currently replaying doom 3 because i installed doom 3 so that i could play a beta from a mod called “the dark mod” but i couldn’t play that mod because it caused my computer to melt whenever i tried to play it.

rather then go through all of the trouble to uninstall everything, i’m just replaying doom 3 for the heck of it. thanks to a flashlight mod, i’m having a pretty groovy time of it as well.

i must say, the flashlight mod that i’ve got installed also put some heft into the pistol because that thing can now put someone away in one to two kills. i don’t remember the standard pistol ever doing that. i think it used to be 3 or 4 shots & then your typical zombie guy would go down. not anymore.

bang. dead.

i love it.

the pistol makes everything else look weak by comparison.


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