a moment of happiness…

a moment of happiness after the break…

a moment of happiness…

ok, i’m glad that barack obama won. i’m really, really glad that he’s won the presidency of the united states. personally, i would’ve preferred a ralph nader or a chris dodd but nader had no chance & “the obama & clinton variety hour” sucked all of the competitive oxygen out of the democratic primary room.

however, i’m really pissed off royally at my local gaming stores.

how do these two entirely different stories relate? let me explain…

i’m not so sullen that i can’t attain a good mood. however, to attain a mood where i actually want to buy things, especially things i don’t necessarily need in my life to improve it’s quality, that’s a rare occasion. yeah, i occasionally splurge on the bargain bin games but i rarely go after the big-ticket “full retail” games while they’re still at full retail.

so, the day after the democrats smacked around the republicans in the national election, i was more then a bit giddy. it wouldn’t be a lie to say that, despite being immensely tired after not getting enough sleep the evening prior, i was edging dangerously close today to euphoric. sure, i know how shallow it is to over-celebrate something so impersonal as a national election but you take your elations when you can get them.

oh, what the hey… i thought to myself, fallout 3 can’t be so bad. after all, i’m sure they’ll have modding tools out by christmas. they can’t be serious in depriving players the modding tools. the whole securom thing seems to only be a disk check of some kind. why not?! it’s a christmas present! you’re saving your parents a trip to a store.

i also thought the same thing about the goty (game of the year) edition of oblivion. crap… why not? even i can celebrate & splurge on occasion… what’s wrong with a little harmless, superfluous injection of capital into the retail sector? nothing wrong with that! man can’t live on freeware & bargain bin software alone!

so, i stopped by the gaming store that is in our local mall. heck, they’ve got to have those two games. those are big, popular, aaa-title games. fallout 3 came out just days ago.

they had the games alright… for the consoles.

the fcuking consoles.

now, this store already had a reduced selection of pc games. i drove to the store completely aware of that.

however, when i got to the store & got in, i couldn’t find the pc games for nearly half a minute. it’s a small store – half a minute is a lot longer then you think.

i found the pc games in a small sliver of shelf space that was so small they may as well have not even bothered to try. literally, i was furious.

you know, let me talk to game store managers for just a fcuking moment. can i talk to you guys? are you too busy? this’ll only take a moment of your time. just a moment. listening? good.

the reason why no one is buying pc games is not piracy. not piracy! the reason why no one is buying pc games is because pc gamers like me can’t find them in your fcuking store & when we do find them, you have all of 5 whole games (games, not titles) to choose from.

get more titles & get more games of those titles… fcuktards!

and i’m not talking casual games, either!

short story – i didn’t buy squat. i was literally steamed i was so angry.

yeah, i’ll eventually buy the titles somewhere else. maybe before christmas. maybe after. if i can find them. ever.

however, i ain’t buying them today & i sure as heck ain’t ever walking into that sad, pathetic console-excuse of a gaming store ever again.

i was going to write more but why bother?


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