fallout 3 premieres…

fallout 3 premieres & republican actors all after the break…

fallout 3 premieres…

fallout 3 is out. if you want, you can buy the $49.99 version or get the goodie-filled version for another 10 bucks. i think. i really don’t know. i haven’t been following it too closely.

i’d be lying if i wrote that, even if a copy of fallout 3 magically landed on my doorstep that i wouldn’t install it. truth is, i probably would install it even though it supposedly has some wicked drm version of securom on it. yeah, like i really need that thing to gum up my system. actually, now that i remind myself of the drm, maybe i wouldn’t install it after all.

all the doomsday confirmations about the game has rolled in: that it’s oblivion with guns & such. that’s too bad – i was hoping maybe the heft of the title might inspire the developers to dig a little deeper & buck the trend of “how stupid can you go” style of games that seem popular with the console kiddies these days. true, i play oblivion but i play it so heavily modified that it feels like a different game.

anyway, i’ll wait until the price goes down before picking it up. after all, the only advantage of picking up vanilla oblivion was that it didn’t have killer copy protection. since vanilla fallout 3 seems to have gone the lethal drm route, i may as well just wait for the inevitable goty (game of the year) edition that will have all the expansion goodies in it & the lethal drm as well. better value.

republican actors…

i just don’t understand actors who go religious or go republican. you’re actors. your whole life revolve around freedom of expression. republicans & religion try to restrict that freedom on many fronts. wtf?

so i was trolling the political sites & a bunch of republican actors are against al franken, a comedian & sometimes actor, who is running for the senate. they filmed a tv commercial. at first, i was slightly amused & then i was just bitter & more then a bit saddened by the experience.

ratzenberger – let’s start with you. everyday, you ought to wake up & give a virtual blowjob to pixar for keeping your career on life support. i’m sorry, except for that little infomercial show you do where you tour factories in the united states, you’ve been relevant… how? i remember you as the beer-guzzling postal worker (yeah, really politically correct) from “cheers” & doing a bit part in a horror movie where you were buried up to your neck. yeah, lots of angels singing your praises.

jackson – have you been in anything lately? i’m not talking about the fat show on vh1 where they take washed-up celebrities & parade them around for ratings. you were on saturday night live for a little while, had a brief movie career and… then what? oh, that’s right, you were in a film called “casual sex,” where they added a question mark at the end so it wouldn’t be boycotted for puritanical reasons. yeah, just a fountain of puritanical values there.

baldwin – i’m just going to ignore you. your relevancy disappeared sometime in the 90’s.

davi – i didn’t even know that you were still alive. i’d make fun of your pockmarks but it’s the only thing you’re known for other then being the fbi agent in “die hard” & a villain in the b-list arnie move “raw deal.”

you know, here’s a thought – if you all hate al franken oh-so-very-much, why not run against him? oh, that’s right – it might interfere with that busy schedule you guys all have. right. well, that settles that, then.


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