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i am legend (2007 movie) & raking leaves after the break…

i am legend (2007 movie)…

maybe i’m just not in a dramatic mood. or, i am still feeling the effects of raking leaves for what felt like 9,000 hours yesterday (my back, legs & arms still don’t like me very much).

anyway, “i am legend” tells the tale of the last man on earth, surrounded by vampire-y like humanoids that, in this film, are either called dark seekers or hemocytes or whatever. this movie uses the book only as an outline because, in the book, the guy eventually meets a chick but the chick is evil as she’s bait sent by the whatevers to sabotage the guy’s fortress so that they can kill the guy. again, in the book, the guy is killing a lot of these vampire-y things. in the movie, the chick is almost inconsequential & probably just there to keep the book purists from frothing at the mouth in anger over why there’s no chick in the movie.

personally, i just didn’t get where they were going with the movie. look, this is about a guy who kicks butt & takes names when it comes to the vampire-y things. here, the guy is going out of his way to find a cure. i dunno but the whole “i’m here to save you” thing is just so… sterile. it just turned me off to the whole movie. also, what was the deal with the whole family subplot? i get it – he’s conflicted, he’s torn, he’s blah blah biddity blah blah because just when he thought his family wasn’t safe, a helicopter collides with them (yeah, i just spoiled that part for you but, really, there isn’t much here to spoil). about the only thing i liked with that whole subplot was how it was done in these little segments throughout the film. that was nice.

here’s what i would’ve done – no super-doctor bit, keep the dog, we don’t know exactly how these vampire-y things emerged, keep the family subplot but really only add bits & pieces (certainly not the “let’s show you what happened” thing that they did) so that the people who want to get it can & the ones that couldn’t care less don’t, have this guy kick butt, less intelligent vampire-y things & eventually have the guy try to escape the city now that he’s found his main squeeze who has nothing to do with being bait. there – that’s my version of this movie that i would’ve liked to have seen. this movie just didn’t do it for me.

bonus points, though, for the post-apocalyptic shots of new york city. very nice.

raking leaves…

i just raked leaves for about 6 hours.

i am really, really tired.

i hate leaves.

good night.


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