iron man (2008 movie)…

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iron man (2008 movie)…

i’m not hip with the iron man mythos as i am with superman or batman. iron man is sort of a b-list superhero, sitting on the bench while the starting players show off their talents.

if you don’t know who the superhero iron man is, it’s a drunk superman in a metal suit. that’s the gist of it. yeah, he isn’t invincible like superman but that metal suit can do some pretty amazing things that, likely, we won’t be able to do for another 300 years or so.

i saw the movie some time ago & i was genuinely surprised with it. granted, there were a few elements that i personally didn’t care for – tony stark acting like a complete *ick, for starters. yeah, he’s super-smart but he’s also super-annoying. it didn’t endear me to him. also, the romance between what’s-her-name & stark was more then just a bit forced. one of the few things i liked is that they didn’t bother with stark’s alcoholism (isn’t his *ickishness enough of a limitation?) & kept it a fairly light movie. i know that they’ll have to darken the sequel up a bit to “keep it real” or whatever else makes the wood hard for the comic book loving crowds. maybe they’ll have stark doing crystal meth or something. i dunno.

is it a movie i’d see again? probably not. reading the iron man mythos, it doesn’t sound like a very diverse story. it’s pretty much iron man vs. other people in metal suits. so, to ride the iron man amusement ride, you have to wear a magical suit of metal. doesn’t sound too interesting.



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