no bailout required…

no bailout required after the break…

no bailout required…

so, let me get this straight – wall street screws up & the taxpayers have to pay for it. why? because washington says so. that’s why.

i don’t think so.

look, you made the mess, you clean it up. you find a way to deal with it.

this, folks, is nothing short of highway robbery.

i didn’t do anything wrong. they did. they clean it up. they’re smart. they’re all for free-market capitalism & all of that. they figure out how to dig themselves out of a hole.

you know, if you need $700 billion dollars, why not take some of those little green army men you guys have stationed over in iraq & bring them home? how about that? isn’t being over in iraq costing us money? bring them home & use that money to pay for your little wall street fcuk-up.

there, that wasn’t so hard, now was it? idiots.


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