i’m back…

i’m back after the break…

i’m back…

so, after an unintentional 3 day siesta, i’m back. no, nothing horrible happened – just 3 days that were more hectic then usual &, as a result, i figured i’d want to relax rather then phone it in with some blog entry.

at any rate, the time off did give me a moment to reflect. here are the results –

  • on the whole “learning ags” thing – i dunno. it seemed a little bit fun, but… i dunno. i don’t have the motivation like i did about 2 weeks ago. maybe it’ll come back. maybe not.
  • on mccain / palin – these two are just batsiht insane. i could write to full pages on why each one should be committed to a padded cell but i’ll save getting carpal tunnel for something more worthy. can’t the geezer suspend his campaign until november 5th?

anyway, i’m back. rejoice.


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