ags, day 11…

ags: day 11 after the break…

ags: day 11…

yesterday, unfortunately, i did nothing. that’s right – nothing. i’m not too keen on that but there’s nothing i can do about it now.

about the only constructive thing i did yesterday with any great respect to adventure gaming or adventure game construction was come to the realization that i’ll need to switch over to the template game so that i can use all of the menus & what not. it’s a huge pain in the butt but i need to do it if i ever want to seriously continue with my education into creating an adventure game. otherwise, i’m just spinning my wheels until i get to the inventory screen part which i know i probably can’t replicate on my own.

also, switching to the template will allow me to put an intro onto my training game. in ags, you place introductions on your game by making it into a non-interactive room. i suppose you could simply link the introduction to another series of rooms but i doubt that it would be very easy.

anyway, i’m tired so, for tomorrow, i’ll switch everything over to the template game.



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