ags, day 8…

ags: day 8 after the break…

ags: day 8…

yesterday, i got a door to open. yea!

all it really took was creating a walk-behind area next to the door object & then pulling the door object behind the walk-behind area. voila! instant gone door.

as much as that was a big victory, i didn’t do much else. i’m guessing that the next logical step would be to walk through the door (gee, ya think?) & i have a few ideas on how to do that . my first guess would be to create a script where, if the door is open & you click on the opened area, your character automagically walks through it even though it’s no longer a walkable area.

oh, before i forget… when they want an id # for the object in the “object.move()” function, it’s the actual id # of the object in the room, not the sprite #! i had to learn that one the hard way. so, if the id # is 7, then it would be “object[7].move()” and so forth.

i don’t know what i’ll work on tonight. i could take the “easy” road & continue to work on doors.


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