ags, day 7

ags: day 7 after the break…

ags: day 7…

well, i hit my first major stumbling block yesterday. see, whenever you start to make a new game, you have a choice between re-vamping a template game (a framework that gives you everything the stereotypical 2d adventure game needs with generic graphics) or a blank game that gives you… nothing. nada. zilch. zero. i chose the blank game. silly me.

apparently, there used to be some sort of function in ags called “InventoryScreen()” that would just magically call up a basic inventory screen. an inventory screen, just to let you know, is a place to put all of your stuff & fool around with it because, in an adventure game, a lot of puzzles involves finding stuff & using that stuff on other stuff to advance the game (ex. find a key so you can unlock a door). if you didn’t want the uber-basic inventory screen, there was always the option to build your own.

well, ags doesn’t support that function anymore & now, for the most part, you’re on your own. in the template game, there’s a working inventory screen for you to use & in the blank game… nothing. well, that leaves me with two options – one, somehow try to whisk the inventory screen from the template game over to my own game or simply start over in the template game. at this point, it’s a toss-up.

the other stumbling block (which hasn’t proven to be a stumbling block just yet) is making a door open. i added a door in one of my screens along with a “could be a keyhole, could be a button” thingy next to it. my next task is to “open” the door & walk through it. i haven’t actually tried it yet but i created the key & the door opening animation & that’s as far as i got.

so, in summary…

  • need to achieve a door working. that ought to be fun.
  • need to get a working inventory system. that ought to be funnest.
  • need to work on more complex conversations. that ought to be funner but not as fun as funnest.


oh, and john mccain is a liar. just thought i’d include that.



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