why do i bother…?

why do i bother? after the break…

why do i bother…?

i’ll admit – my talent on most things is low. mechanic? not really. scientist? ha. economist? nope. artist? tee-hee-hee. politician? you’ve got to be kidding me. athlete? try again. writer? well… who doesn’t proverbially “sing in the shower”? you’re reading this, aren’t you?

whenever my ego is bruised, either by myself or others, i always feel compelled to learn new things if only to prove to myself that i can be somewhat successful at something. you know that silly hollywood ideal where the guy starring in the movie always manages to rise to the occasion regardless of the odds? yeah, i’m a sucker for at least attempting to think that i could pull some of that stuff off. after all, how hard could it be to fly an f-22 or jump off of a motorcycle onto the back of tractor-trailer? right?

fortunately for my health insurance, i try to prove my versatility through less death-defying stunts. recently, i downloaded a program called “ags” which stands for “adventure game system” or “studio” or something like that. in a nutshell, you make old-school adventure games with it. yeah. like space quest & monkey island & stuff like that.

so, that’s my new challenge. it’s not as macho as trying to crush a beer can on your forehead but even versatile superheroes have their limits.

there, i made it through a post without mentioning sarah palin & all her fcuking lies about being against the bridge to nowhere even though there’s actual videotape of her saying she’s for it & then deciding to keep the money & still building an access road to said now-cancelled bridge because, otherwise, she’d have to have given the money back.

darn it. oh well, maybe tomorrow’s post.

while i’m at it, i’d like to “travel” in the comfort of my own home & get paid for it, too.



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