republican hypocracy…

republican hypocracy after the break…

republican hypocracy…

nah. i’m not done yet.

republicans & conservatives are the biggest fcuking hypocrites. check it out –

brittney spears’ sister gets pregnant & its’ the parents’ fault. bristol palin gets pregnant & the neo-cons are falling all over themselves waving the american flag, saying what a good mother sarah palin is for supporting her daughter. that’s hypocracy.

john mccain, for months, lambasts barack obama for having little to no experience. then, john mccain picks a vice presidential running mate who, prior to being governor, was a mayor of a town of less then 6,000. she didn’t even govern; a city administrator was assigned that task. that’s hypocracy.

john mccain, for months, lambasts barack obama for not having armed forces experience. then, john mccain chooses a running mate who’s sole “armed forces experience” is supposedly running the alaskan national guard but, guess what? it isn’t, because governors don’t have command over when or how their troops are deployed overseas. ever. that’s hypocracy.

john mccain supposedly hates earmarks. he hates them so much that he picks a running mate who hired a lobby firm to get over $750 million dollars in earmarks for her state. she lobbied to get earmarks back when she was a mayor, too. that’s hypocracy.

john mccain has lambasted barack obama for not having to run an organization but john mccain chose a running mate that couldn’t even run a car wash business; it was shut down by the state after the business (co-owned by her & her husband) failed to file the proper paperwork just to keep it in business. that’s hypocracy.

i could write this all day. i’m not.


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