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pathetically more sarah palin, the big daedra maze (oblivion mod), counting the “-gates” & the horror in the village of kuhn dah (oblivion mod) all after the break…

pathetically more sarah palin…

i think comedians across the nation need to send mccain a huge “thank you” note because he’s just given them the best holiday present that they could ever dream of in the form of gov. sarah palin.

this chick sounds like she doesn’t even deserve to be in charge of the clothing department at a wal-mart, let alone a contender for the role of vp.

look, fair disclosure – if any presidential candidate asked me if i wanted to be their vp, i’d be respectful, decline the offer & then tell the candidate that they should seek professional psychiatric treatment right away. as much as i would enjoy to think that i’d be up to the task… no. i’m not.

ok, you know – i think that one of the qualifications to being vice president is a firm grasp on basic american history. things like, oh, i don’t know… knowing that the pledge of allegiance was not written by our founding fathers. displaying knowledge like that would be a reassuring gesture.

when your excuse for foreign policy is that your state is close to russia… i think that you are stretching things by just a bit. by that logic, the following states’ governors all have foreign policy experience, too:

  • maine, new hampshire, vermont, new york, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, minnesota, north dakota, montana, idaho, washington, california, arizona, new mexico, texas & florida.

i’m really tired of hearing of this person. can someone smart in the republican party please find a political solution towards catapulting this lady out of the nomination? anyone? anyone intelligent? isn’t there at least one moderate republican (are there even moderate republicans?) who has looked at this nomination & thought to themselves, “wtf?”

i mean, think about it – your presidential nominee didn’t pick someone versed on the economy (palin’s only credible area of expertise is on alaskan views of oil drilling & energy, not oil drilling & energy policy on a national level), didn’t pick someone versed on foreign policy, didn’t pick someone who could carry a key area / state of the country (alaska has 3 electoral votes that has only gone democrat once – good job), didn’t pick someone with any amount of federal experience (at least dan quayle was a sitting senator when he got the nod & his lack of experience sent shockwaves through the political world in the tender year of 1988), didn’t pick someone who had been properly vetted (troopergate, fifth-child-gate, email-gate, sports-center-gate, etc. & this is all within the past 72 hours… imagine how it could turn out in 2 weeks?!) & didn’t pick someone who can reach out to independents or even conservative democrats.

in short, the pick energizes conservative republicans & a small portion of disenfranchised hillary clinton voters who weren’t going to vote democrat anyway. her anti-moose, anti-polar bear, pro-gun, pro-drilling, pro-abstinence only sex ed schtick might fly in alaska but a lot of other people in the continental united states sees things differently.


the big daedra maze (oblivion mod)…

i have to stop downloading tiny oblivion mods. i actually debated whether to mention this mod or not but decided to do so, if only to put something fresh onto this blog that wasn’t “sarah palin makes dan quayle look like a heavyweight.”

folks, this mod is nothing. literally, nothing. it is a big daedra maze out in the middle of a field. there you go. at the very end of the maze, there is a few “chests” with some goodies in there. there’s your mod. no rhyme, no reason, just a maze. you can’t go into the daedra towers sprinking around the maze. no. no backstory to the maze. just a maze in a field.

i think it’s safe to say that, unless you absolutely adore mazes… perhaps you best skip this mod.

counting the “-gates”…

update: i can’t believe it: fifth-child-gate. unbelievable. that would be an absolute killer if that were true. wow.

troopergate, sports-center-gate, e-mail-gate… this gov. sarah palin character is really beginning to build a reputation. i guess anyone who gets investigated by a bi-partisan committee into ethics violations after only 18 months in office is on the fast track to somewhere. not only that, her hubby sounds like he’s aspiring to be the next dick cheney with all of the smoky backroom arm-twistings he’s allegedly done.

wow. what did the vetters have to say when they saw all of this? did they see all of these things?

maybe she should’ve taken up a job at espn. oh, wait…

the horror in the village of kuhn dah (oblivion mod)…

the tesnexus.com window has opened & closed once again so no big mods for me. i knew i should’ve grabbed a few more “big ticket” items in there while i could. oh well.

from “the stuff i can now download from tesnexus” comes a little… very little… ok, downright miniscule quest mod called “the horror in the village of kuhn dah.” this, folks, is about as small a quest mod as you’ll get without have two people in a room, one of which will ask if you can take an item & give it to the other person in the room. yeah, it’s that small & i’m about to spoil it for you.

see, there’s a group of people who left the town of bravil & founded a village called “kuhn dah.” unfortunately, a bunch of necromancers moved into a cave & then invaded the village, destroying everything & leaving no survivors. upon finding a partially unreadable diary, you figure out where the necromancer cave is (directly north) & then kill everything in the cave. end of story, have a nice day.

i really didn’t “get” this mod too much. first of all, this isn’t even a “quest” – you get no quest entry in your quest diary or anything like that. there’s no backstory except for reading whatever is in the diary. when you enter the necromancer cave, you can see open seams. i saw a skeleton guardian “trapped” just below the floor, the top of his head occasionally bobbing up. so, you kill everything in the cave and… that’s it. bah. my advice? skip it. the mod is basically “go into a small cave & kill everything.”

here’s what i would’ve done – go into bravil. talk with people. the topic of some people making a village turns up. get info in the town about the village. go to some guy in the town who knows all about it. s/he tells you that they haven’t heard from anyone connected to the village in weeks. go there, find it all burnt out. find the diary, you can’t read it, it’s in some strange language. bring the diary back to bravil. show it to whomever. they say that they knew the person who wrote in that language but they can’t read the language. the only person who can read that language is the person’s such-and-such (great-uncle? who knows, be creative) who lives in wherever. go to wherever, talk to the such-and-such. they’re saddened that you found the village destroyed but the diary doesn’t reveal anything. it says something about hiring an old guard from such-and-such town after some wolves invaded the village. maybe you should go there to investigate. the relative of one of the deceased decides to tag along to get revenge for their dead relative.

go to the such-and-such town & find someone who knows the old guard. they’ll say that they haven’t heard from the guard in awhile which is strange because he like writing them letters. he shows you the letters & it says how the guard noticed that he kept spotting dead wolves & other forest creatures around the area after he was hired. the letters say that he’s talked to one of the legion forest guards to look into it.

find the forest legion guard cabin out in the wilderness & it’s wrecked, everything thrown around. search the place & you’ll find a hidden map that has dots indicating where dead animals were found. near the center of the dots is a strange & vaguely-evil looking platform that you can’t do anything with. the map points it out with a hand-written note saying, “what is this? ask the arcane university.”

take the map & go to the arcane university. eventually find someone who will help you, show them the map, give them the story. they’re intrigued. he wants to see it for himself. escort him back to the platform. once there, some necromancers pop out of it & fight you. you win. search them, find some weird writings. the mage wants to go back to the university. he researches the writings, finding out that the writings are a weird teleportation spell that doesn’t seem to work. maybe the spell will work while standing on the platform. he gives you the spell & asks an ominous battlemage to come along.

all of you (you, relative of dead relative, the mage & battlemage) all go back to the platform. you all stand on the platform, you read the spell and…

it’s a trap. you & the relative of the dead relative are in some sort of magical holding cell while the mage & battlemage are speaking to the necromancers. the mage & battlemage are undercover necromancers. the platform is, indeed, an ancient teleportation platform that the necromancers stumbled upon & eventually accessed to find an ayleid ruin that can’t be accessed through an open doorway. since only they know how to use it, their activities are safe. they figure that the best way to dispatch you is to teleport you into a dark cave filled with zombies & rats without weapons or armor. that way, they get rid of you & the story once & for all.

get teleported into the cave of death, fight your way out (you eventually find meager weapons & armor littered in the cave), the relative of the dead relative dies at some point in the fighting & then infiltrate the ruin. get your stuff back. kick butt. take names. escape. get rewarded by bravil, the mages guild & wherever the old guard came from. the end.

wow, i can’t believe i wrote that much.


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