sarah palin…

sarah palin after the break…

sarah palin…

are you fcuking kidding me?

john mccain has been bashing barack obama for how many months concerning his inexperience & then he has the balls to pick a vice president who makes dan quayle look like a heavyweight?

call the retirement home & see if they’ve got a room available. john’s on his way.

folks, this is such a crass play at “disenfranchised” (here’s a hint: most of them aren’t anymore) hillary clinton voters that it hurts my brain.

john, you were… were… a maverick. at one point in your life, you snubbed your nose at the republican party & got away with it. you got away with it because you were smart. you knew what you were doing. that’s why, when the other shoe dropped, you were nowhere to be found; because you were too smart to be the one left holding the bag.

this is such a pathetic move i can’t find civil words civil enough to express myself.

john, you needed help with the economy. economy is not your thing, john. you & the economy just aren’t friends. you needed someone to help you with the economy and… you didn’t get that person.

john, you needed help in battleground states. there’s a lot more red states in play this year then when your friend george was fixing the elections. john, she comes from the “great” state of alaska. i’ll give everyone the benefit of the doubt here & just assume that the state truly is great. john, you needed someone to help you swing a few battleground states back in your direction and… you didn’t get that person.

john, you needed help with the independent voters. there’s going to be a lot of people voting in this election, john, & they aren’t democrats or republicans. you aren’t the maverick you used to be, your “independent” street cred has lost more then a bit of it’s luster. you needed someone who could help you get some of the independent voters back and… you didn’t get that person.

most importantly, john, you needed to get someone who could lead this nation if, gosh forbid, you ever drop dead. to the secret service reading this: no, that wasn’t a threat to john mccain. john mccain is an old man. he is a cancer survivor. old people who are cancer survivors tend to drop dead more frequently then young people who haven’t had cancer. google it if you aren’t convinced. john, this lady has no foreign policy experience, no federal government experience, no… crap, a lot of no experience in categories where having experience would be a really, really good thing. she is a heartbeat away from leading the country. remember the last guy who had a lot of no experience that was elected? you hugged that guy once. ask yourself if he’s been doing a really swell job for the last 8 years.


how stupid do you think women truly are?


i can’t write any more. i might write more later.


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