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south park forum hypocracy, zombies: 28 days later and a bit (oblivion mod) & epiphany (pen & paper rpg) after the break…

south park forum hypocracy…

this was just too good to pass up. ok, isaac hayes, the voice of the character from “chef” from the animated tv show “south park” passed away earlier today. yeah, i told you i wasn’t going to turn this blog into an obituary for famous people but this ain’t it. anyway, i checked on the ‘official’ south park website (i guess it’s official) to see if there was some statement from the creators of south park or anything like that.


so, i headed onto their forums just out of curiosity. lo & behold, the forum enforcement there is so hypocritical it defies logic.

to the forum moderators – you do realize that the forum is for a show called “south park”? right? you’ve seen the show, yes? how it insults pretty much every single demographic that’s ever existed? every show is a steaming pile of sophomoric humor with flagrant amounts of derogatory humor towards politics, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation & gender, right? right? so, where do you guys get off banning people who display the exact same behavior as the creators exhibit in their episodes? wow. you guys & the people over at “game vixen zone.” the hypocracy is just that deep. i’d laugh but it ain’t my world so guys can go fcuk it up however badly you want.

you reap what you sow.

zombies: 28 days later and a bit (oblivion mod)…

so, being the lazy sob that i usually am (because, let’s face reality, i am), i struggled to find another oblivion mod that i could play without resorting to creating an account on tesnexus, the nazi germany of oblivion mods (ve have ways of making you register!). i could have done something important like, i don’t know, real work but, hey, it’s the weekend.

zombies: 28 days later and a bit is a silly mod that, quite frankly, isn’t worth it yet. really, all it does is add zombies. there you go. are you having fun yet? killing zombies? thought so. see, scads of fun. i dunno. as usual, people work hard to give you something & then you piss & moan all over it. the reality, though, is that nothing is here. i tried getting into it &, well, you fight zombies. if fighting oblivion zombies verbs your noun, then this mod is for you. otherwise, wash your laundry, brush your teeth & weed your garden. you’ll feel better for it.

btw, off-topic for a moment… could the famous people please stop dying for a little while?! it’s a bit hard to think of topics when every ten hours or so, some new famous person is dropping dead! stop dying!

epiphany (pen & paper rpg)…

it’s a slow news day & i don’t want to write about the following crapola:

  • john edwards humping some chick who is not his wife.
  • the pissing match between georgia & russia that involves liberal use of heavy artillery
  • the death of bernie mac
  • the olympics

that doesn’t exactly give me a lot to write about so it’s time to dig into my “slow news day” topics.

i’ve always had a soft spot for the pen & paper rpg company “btrc.” i can’t remember what the “b” stands for but i think it’s “blacksburg tactical role-playing company”…

i’ll finish this later. duty calls. ok, i’m back.

so, where was i? oh, yes – btrc. see, a long time ago, there were these “brick & mortar” stores that sold pen & paper rpgs back when pen & paper rpgs were in vogue with teens in general & not just the niche market that still enjoys them today. now, they are few or the bookstores just sell dungeons & dragons and/or magic the gathering (yay, thanks for supporting pen & paper rpgs by only carrying the two most famous brands… dumbasses).

well, i used to go to this one rpg shop that was in the middle of nowhere. literally. it was on the way to my grandmother’s house &, trust me, you did not accidentally get there. it was in a big, awkward red building that just felt out of place with the rest of the world. i always felt like i had accidentally walked into some private, unkept warehouse whenever i stepped into there because, literally, the sawdust was everywhere if you looked for it hard enough.

so, what does this have to do with btrc? i’m getting there – take your adhd medication. anyway, my sister was going through this huge feminazi phase of hers (i think all women do that at some point in their lives for some reason) & so, in a nutshell, if you had testicles, she was acting like a complete btich to you whether you deserved it or not. i don’t take kindly to the btiches & i especially didn’t jive with her attitude towards me at the time. so, one day, i’m in the store & going through piles of unkept rpgs (man, if only i could go back in time & buy some of the things that i couldn’t afford back then… oh, the pain…) &, all of a sudden, i see an rpg whose title alone blows me away…

macho women with guns.


oh, that would be the perfect gag gift for my “butch hair cut & btichy attitude” sister. yes, nothing like lighting a stick of dynamite & throwing it into a pool of nitroglycerine! yeah, i bought it sight unseen & then, of course, upon reading it, it was just too good to give to my sister. she was getting out of the rpg phase of her life & i knew she wouldn’t take to it too kindly. so, eventually, i bought the other two expansions. the rpg store shut down soon thereafter because the people who owned the store went sort of wacko religious.

so, i always have sort of a soft spot for btrc. eventually, i bought a few other things from the company (black death, something else whose name slips my mind…) but the whole “store that sells rpg stuff that is not popular” industry eventually went under. too bad – because eventually i saw the rpg “epiphany” & it looked kind of cool but because i don’t buy things on-line because that would be the one time that the hackers strike & steal my credit card number, i’ve never been able to find it. so, it’s sort a symbol of a bygone era & whenever i see it in my interweb travels, i remember a time when i was somewhat younger & somewhat happier.

yeah. told you it was a slow news day.


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