done with ripping…

done with ripping all after the break…

done with ripping…

so, my foray into ripping cds was a success. i’m not a master & i’m sure there’s all sorts of nuances towards ripping that only years worth of rippage would enable me to differentiate but i’m just going to go ahead with learning more about all sorts of web 2.0 stuff.

i guess the final frontier of rippage, for me at least, would be to convert some files that are real audio into something a bit more accessible like mp3 (or even ogg vorbis). there are a couple of programs that appear to do that but i’ll have to look further into it. too bad real audio is a closed format & no one outside of real audio can really play it well.


the olympics are here. yippee.

yeah, i know. i should be thrilled but i can’t because i’m an american & the olympics are mainly an international thing. they’re taking away baseball after this year & as far as i care, this is the last olympics i’m going to give a darn about.

really, the olympics have so many stupid sports, why did they have to cut an american sport? i mean, ping pong is a fcuking olympic sport. ping pong. really. how many countries go ga-ga over ping-pong? ping pong is a basement sport that your friend’s parents have in the basement & the paddles are really crappy & the only reason why you’re playing it is because you’ve got nothing better to do. and that’s a gold medal sport.

trampoline. there’s another stupid sport. jumping on a trampoline is a fcuking gold medal sport but not baseball. no, of course not.

fcuking stupid international olympics. about the only thing i’ll give a darn about it are the sports where the chicks wear tight, skimpy clothes. i might watch that part. probably not, though. not if the internet is working.

we need to make our own olympics. screw the rest of the world. let them play in the smog if they think it’s fun.


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