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the jref, the ayleid steps (oblivion mod) & revelations about my life all after the break…

the jref…

i spoke of this in an earlier post in a roundabout way but let me introduce it to you again… there’s an organization called the james randi educational foundation (jref) that fights idiots who try to convince you that magnets cure cancer & that $9,000 dollar audio cables helps your stereo sound better. think of the jref as the magazine “consumer reports” except that instead of testing soap bars they test whether or not some guy can move a pencil with his “mental energies.”

the organization was founded by a former magician named james randi (gee, ya think? james randi… james randi educational foundation…) who looks older then yoda himself. hey, when 900 years old you are, look as good you probably won’t either. however, i’m not there yet so allow me to make my shallow ageist remarks.

anyway, the bottom line is that this guy ain’t getting any younger so he named a successor for the throne & that guy is some guy named phil plait. i dunno… i’m sure phil is a great guy & a wonderful singer & helps little old ladies across the road & bakes great brownies & stuff like that but… am i the only one who feels this is sort of like george washington handing the keys over to john adams? i mean, i get it – the guy is an accomplished astronomer but… i dunno… what’s the old adage? in order to catch a thief, you have to be a thief? well, can an astronomer catch a thief? we’ll find out.

hey, phil, if you’re reading this – keep the $1 million dollar challenge. just a suggestion. oh, and good luck. and congratulations. and any other politically correct soundbite.

the ayleid steps (oblivion mod)…

i’m done with this mod. loved the concept (ancient magical teleportation system gives you access to completely closed off ruins, etc.) but i think the execution definitely needs to be revised. yeah. definitely.

look, i don’t have time for hard rpgs, ok? i get it – i have to decipher the riddles in the book to get to the 12 teleportation pads (the “steps” in the “ayleid steps”) but i hate chores & i hate da vinci code crap… this could’ve been streamlined. i’m not going to do your job for you but i just read the spoiler text to get to the pads. if i’m reading the spoilers, so are others & if the spoilers weren’t there then this thing would’ve been off of my hard drive far sooner then it had.

look – finding nifty places no one has ever been in is fun. fun! keep that part. but make finding them a bit more accessible then placing them in some silly sudoku riddle or wordplay or something. turn it into a quest – ask around if anyone’s seen any strange stones. have the character bribe people. turn it into an adventure.

also, if you’re going to have vampires occupy completely enclosed ruins, have a backstory! “gee, i’m a vampire bard walking around in full armor inside a completely enclosed area with no chance to ever escape. i know – i’ll try to kill the very first new person i find!” not realistic! the 45 degree-tilting angle ruin looks cute for about 3 seconds & then it just gets annoying.

the whole concept is cool but, really, go back & just start it over from scratch. that’s all. cool concept, work on the execution. this thing leaves the hard drive now. bye bye.

revelations about my life…

yeah, i saved the hard part for last. typical me.

so, i’m tired of not being skilled in much of anything useful. stop! i know html. yeah, big whoop. a whole lot of good that ever did me. stop! you know css. hah! i’m so rusty with that nowadays it’d take me weeks to get back up to speed. javascript? maybe if i went on sabbatical for a month i could get some of that mojo back. even at my height in javascript, i could hardly be considered an ‘expert.’ svg? yah – in 2004… back when no one supported it. maybe by 2012 firefox will support it enough so that it might finally be useful.

i’m a web 1.0 guy in a web 2.0 world. i shoulda seen it coming but i didn’t &, well… it hurts. it hurts to realize that 2002 ain’t here anymore, 2008 is halfway done &… well… what have you done lately to keep up?

so, i’ve resolved to modernize. to learn the newfangled technologies of our slacker overlords with their “l33t” language. to throw myself into the pit of 2.0 technologies in time to be obsolete for whenever web 3.0 arrives (it’s probably already here but i’m too ignorant to realize that).

i am determined to be a modern guy. i will live in 2009 even before it gets here & if i can’t, then i’ll just live in 2010 instead (not the arthur c. clarke version, though, although that would be kind of cool…).

time to be modern. time to be… lutonaut 2.0…


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