the hapi drum…

the hapi drum after the break…

the hapi drum…

i’ve always wondered what life would’ve been like had i been in a school band that didn’t have that one brilliant guy who could just play anything the first time through like he’s been playing it his entire life. those people really throw cold water on your budding music career & create doubt as to whether you should even be allowed to pick up a musical instrument in the first place.

therefore, i’ve always been curious about musical instruments & that, if i abandoned the so-called responsible life that you’re supposed to lead & just dedicated yourself for the rest of your life towards playing one musical instrument, whether or not i’d be any good at it.

this search for the simple musical instrument that even i could play without barracading myself in some primitive wooden shack in the middle of nowhere to force myself to learn it has lead me down some strange alleys here on the interweb. i won’t describe them all to you because i can’t remember them all & i don’t have that much enthusiasm to write about it.

one of those instruments, if it didn’t cost a bajillion dollars, would be the hapi drum. the hapi drum is the cheaper competitor of the hang drum, which costs about forty bajillion dollars in comparison to the hapi drum.

they’re both cool but the hapi drum is cheaper & is far more accessible then the hang drum would ever be because the hang drum appears to be made by elves who only awaken from their magical coma once a year for two months & you have to pray to them & go to switzerland & wait a real long time for the drum to be made & once it’s made it costs (like before) about forty bajillion dollars. that’s a lot of work for an instrument that, in all fairness, i’d probably play for three weeks before getting frustrated that i can’t sound like some master on youtube & then it would gather dust in my closet.

therefore, i’d go with the hapi drum.


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