cuil after the break…


i remember back when even web 1.0 didn’t exist & there were all of these search engines & as far as i’m concerned one search engine wasn’t any better then the others but i used most of them if only to pool their resources.

a lot of search engines fell by the wayside between the transition from web 1.0 to the newfangled web 2.0 & i didn’t even notice it until someone told me about it. then there was google & everyone fell in love with google & it was pretty much just yahoo! & google from there on except for one or two attempts which i can’t even remember because i don’t wait with baited breath for updates into the exciting world of search engines.

so now there’s yet another search engine called “cuil” but don’t pronounce it “koo-ill” or “k-eye-ill” because, dang it! that’s how a normal person might try to pronounce it. no, they have to be all wacky on us & pronounce it “cool.” that’s right – “cuil” is “cool.”


i can’t even comment on the search engine because the name alone stops me cold in my tracks.

cuil is not pronounced cool, fcuktards. stop it. stop it now.

when will people stop treating the english language like their personal outhouse for linguistic interpretation. “ui” in “guilt” is not “oo,” “ui” in “guise” is not “oo,” “ui” in pretty much every “qui-” word is not “oo”…

“ui” in “cuisine” is not “oo.”

stop! stop stop stop stop stop!

go back & change the name so that it doesn’t violate already established pronounciation laws. go on, do it! i refuse to use a search engine that assembles a bunch of random letters & then doesn’t even have the decency to make an attempt at having it pronounced in a semi-logical fashion.

go on, do it.

stupid silicon valley entrepreneurs…



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