verona house, part 2…

verona house (oblivion mod), part 2 & the faculty (movie) after the break…

verona house (oblivion mod), part 2…

bottom line – nice mod. verona bay, the actual town, is a total resource hog – i hope your rig is top of the line or else the machine bogs down into a slideshow. fair warning.

spoilers in the notes below – don’t look unless you want to know:

  • in the omod version that i’m playing, a door is missing off of the “great hall” in castle chorrol. weird.
  • the “is the harding character a good guy or bad guy?” thing is… well, overused. he’s gone from good guy to bad guy to good guy (so far). ugh. a little of that goes a long way but at least credit goes out to the mod for trying something different.
  • i never really got to know what’s-his-name, the accountant addicted to skooma. i think i went off of script when i forced his two “guards” to attack & kill each other. oh well, i hope it doesn’t screw up the game.

that’s all i’ve played so far. hopefully, i’ll finish it this weekend or even sooner. nice mod so far.

the faculty (movie)…

saw the tail-end of a movie called “the faculty.” interesting. sort of a “the thing” in a high school with a feel-good ending. i guess, given that it’s meant for teens, that it needed an ending where everyone gets up & is ok. was surprised by the blatant amount of nudity at the end, though, especially given the ending. is the feel-good ending meant for teens as well as the near full-frontal nudity? those are two very odd worlds sleeping together.


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