stem cell research, part 2

stem cell research, part 2 after the break…

stem cell research, part 2…

ok. let me try this again.

i support stem cell research.

yeah, i know about the religious types. they say that stem cell research destroys babies & babies have souls & if god / allah / thor / the flying spaghetti monster / fill in your favorite deity here wanted us to live forever he would’ve granted us that oh-so-magical ability…


stem cell research is about people living longer & people living better. no, no one can claim that it is a magical panacea that can cure all ills; there hasn’t been enough research to assert that claim & if one day we could… well, we would be living in quite an elevated time indeed.

everywhere i turn, people have no problem fighting aids, fighting cancer, war on poverty, war on drugs… it’s always fight fight fight… until we get to aging. when we get to aging, people have a taboo. we can’t break the wall of death. what’ll we do if we start living until 120? 140? 200? it’s not natural. it’s not right. it’s not…

shut the fcuk up, ok? if you eventually want to drop dead of heart disease at the ripe old age of 51, no one is stopping you. eat hearty & don’t exercise. if you want to see a cherished one shrivel up from some curable disease & not be around to see your wedding, your big promotion, your first born child, your first house, your first car, etc… well, who am i to argue? enjoy your devalued life.

i live in such a pussy-whipped society when it comes to aging it’s not even funny. oh, no… we can’t do anything about aging… it’s not up to us to decide life or death… yes it is. we do it all the time. and we’ll keep doing it until death from “old age” as we know it is in the futuristic equivalent of a dusty old textbooks that kids are forced to read (or the future equivalent of reading) for the future equivalent of school.

the reality is this – stem cells may help us. we need to research it to see how far it will help us. scientific research can only help us, it can’t hurt us. science provides us answers to questions that, quite frankly, we all want answered even if we’re too afraid of realizing that we want them.

as much as the present blows at times, i have to remind myself that i’m currently living in someone else’s future. someone from the year 1808 looked up at the stars one night & wondered what it would be like to live in the year 2008. a lot of people fought a lot of luddites so that we could go from horse-drawn buggies to space shuttles. that person from 1808 would be absolutely floored by all of the progress we’ve made in medicine, in technology, in art & so forth. sure, they probably wouldn’t like a few things about the future but that’s life… it ain’t perfect. it never will be.

so, i imagine that the world will be vastly different & superior in the year 2208. i won’t see that year but that won’t stop me from trying to help it be the best year yet. will stem cell research make the year 2208 better? i don’t know. until we travel down that road, though, we won’t know.

i don’t know about any of you but i’m walking down that road… and, odds are, an entire world in 2208 is going to thank me for it if, for nothing else, trying to make their lives that much better.

that sums up what i wanted to write yesterday but i kept fudging the argument up too many times.



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