going to the movies…

going to the movies after the break…

going to the movies…

i don’t go to the movies anymore. there’s just no point.

look, back when i was a kid, movies were a social event – you went with your friends to see a movie. yeah, the movie needed to be good enough but you were with your friends & you’d likely go to a bar or back to your friends’ house afterwards or do something afterwards. it was an evening to get out & hang out.

well, with no more friends to hang out with, all that’s left is the movie. and, well… going to the movies is getting pretty dang expensive these days.

i haven’t been inside a movie theater in a while so i don’t know the prices. let’s just say that it costs $8 dollars to see a movie. $8 dollars. $8 fcuking dollars to see one movie once. what are you paying for that $8 dollars, aside from the socializing?

  • to see it on a big screen.
  • to see it when it comes out.

there you go – that’s why you pay a premium – to see it first & to see it on a big screen. can i afford that crap? heck no.

let me tell you how i watch a movie nowadays.

  1. read the synopsis on moviepoopers or movie spoilers or even from wikipedia or a message board. bang! just “saw” your movie for free.
  2. wait for it to come onto the movie channels (not the on-demand channels). that takes about a year, give or take a few months. so, at this point, i’m catching up with all of last year’s summer blockbusters. just saw your movie (this time, for real) for “free” (ok, my parents pay for the channels but, for me, it’s free).
  3. if i loved the movie, i’ll want the dvd. check to see if the dvd is a good value or not & catch all the message boards to see if there’s any rumors that the movie might “double-dip” on the dvd. if there’s even a hint of double-dipping, wait until the dvd price hits bottom (dvd comes out about 6 months after the movie, a dvd usually drops pretty significantly after about a year after release).
  4. if i didn’t love the movie, well, i just saw the movie on the channels. saves me a dvd.

yeah, i know i’m cheap but there’s no point in wasting money on a movie that you don’t like.

i’m sure that, in twenty years, i’ll have to adapt to new methods of movie distribution & the whatnot. or, maybe by then, i just won’t care what crap they spew out from hollywood because i’ll be pretty old by then & i’ll have other things to worry about then who is starring in what & why.



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