starship troopers 3…

starship troopers 3 after the break…

starship troopers 3…

i really liked the movie “starship troopers.” i know a lot of people hated it because of the “omg! neil patrick harris is a nazi!” or “it’s all about nazis!” or “it’s a code movie about america being fascist!” or some other silly nonsense tullshib. truth is, it was a movie absolutely dripping with over-the-top violence, jingoism, cliches & just enough crass nudity to make the prudes sweat more then they’d like.

the movie “starship troopers 2” was like “starship troopers 1” while in the worst phase of dope sickness. really, i understood the vibe that they were going for but they simply dumbed it down far too much to be a horror mystery. look, everyone knew that the doctor or whomever had some sort of secret bug in him that he spread through others by kissing them & then the thing would leap from his open mouth into your open mouth & the whatnot. once you remove the mystery then it just becomes a gore parade and… well, it just didn’t work. no offense.

so, now there’s “starship troopers 3” which is a theater film everywhere else but here & i’m sure it’s going to split the difference between the two. i haven’t seen it so no advance prediction from me but i hope it rocks. maybe more on this later.

p.s. if you haven’t, go see “starship troopers 1” it’s a fun film.



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