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the lost spires (oblivion mod) plus update & the insatiable (movie) all after the break…

the lost spires (oblivion mod)…

so, after the dungeon of ivellon, i settled on “the lost spires” as my next oblivion mod because of these strict standards:

  • it wasn’t on tesnexus or some other crappy website where you have to register an account for the privilege of downloading, which meant that i could download it.
  • it wasn’t a work-in-progress but an actual release.

this mod is solid. i had a few crashes to desktop in the beginning but i haven’t since then. in short, there’s an archeology guild & you’re investigating twisting columns (spires) that have popped up all over the countryside. you’re not an actual archeologist but an “enforcer,” someone who protects the archeologists & does the dirty work while the eggheads ooh & aah over various intelligentsia things.

probably the brightest note so far is that the voice work for the character “teav” could very easily be placed into oblivion & no one would ever know that it was a fan creation. some of the other voices could use work but it is a fan effort & at least some of the other voices try so that’s good enough for me.

anyway, i’m not done with it yet but those are my impressions. good job so far.

update : ok, having played it for a bit, i think that what i was able to play was pretty good. however, there were far too many crashes-to-desktop (the kiddies call them “ctd”s for short) for me to tolerate. in the end, my last two save games couldn’t even load because i was in the final spire or the battle spire or the spire involved in the battle or whatever they called it. bah.

anyway, it was fairly good & the closest so far that felt like bethesda had cut it at the last moment. seeing the dwemer robot from morrowind was a nice nostalgic touch, even if it was only a statue. i haven’t found a replacement yet for the mod because everything i’ve found has been tesnexus only & i don’t have an account for that. therefore, i may have to go trolling for nude mods instead or even <gasp> do some real work for a change </gasp>.

the insatiable (movie)…

so, i’ll admit that i used to be a bit of a michael biehn fan. like most things, with old age, it’s worn off & i don’t cry myself to sleep anymore knowing that his chances of ever being an a-lister are nil to none. he supposedly had a drinking problem & everyone pointed to that why he’s making the hollywood equivalent of used car commercials but since most actors in hollywood are snorting crack straight off of a hooker’s nipple, i’m guessing that it also had to be something else. i dunno – maybe he’s a one-note actor. who knows.

at any rate, i watched him in this little bargain-basement film called “the insatiable” where he plays a small role. some dweeb stumbles upon a female vampire who’s being tagged as a conventional serial killer by the cops (’cause they don’t know any better & because she is, in fact, killing people). said dweeb eventually falls in love with vampire, captures her & his life completely unravels the longer she’s in captivity. she eventually kills a meter-reader & one of the dweeb’s co-workers. as the cops are closing in (his actions look mightily suspicious that maybe he’s the ‘serial killer’) & his company is all but certain to fire his butt for various ineptitudes involving the vampire, he submits to being bitten & it’s implied that he is transformed into a vampire. his first victim is implied to be some chick that kept teasing him about wanting a romance but kept backing off with the female vampire as his possible new love interest.

this film was so bargain basement that i couldn’t watch the whole thing & skipped over sections of it so if i’m slightly mistaken in my synopsis then, well, get a bigger budget next time. i dunno. i’m sure a lot of people worked hard on the film but it has that low-budget “sci-fi original movie” look to it that just screams “avoid me at all costs.” maybe they used up all the money on michael biehn but they shouldn’t have because he’s in one room the entire time, in a wheelchair, acting all edgy. if you want to watch this film just for michael biehn, my advice is to skip the film because he’s in it for what feels like 4 seconds. granted, i saw the tv broadcast version of this movie so maybe there’s a sex or gore scene cut out of it but even if there was, i don’t think it’d help all that much. i’m just guessing they muted the obscenities & made a snip or two only to add the commercials in.


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