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silgrad tower (oblivion mod) & live free or die hard (movie) after the break…

silgrad tower (oblivion mod)…

wow. what a disappointment. i dunno… you always feel cheap & dirty when someone works really hard for many many hours & then you take a two-hour look at it & go “wow. what a disappointment.”

look – maybe they’re biting off more then they can chew. maybe i just don’t have the “good version” (they supposedly have a “public version” & a “private version” of the mod, of which i played the public version because i don’t know the secret handshake or i won’t mod for them or some silly reason about not wanting to share their buildings or something like that). maybe… i dunno… maybe they just suck? i dunno.

ok – first, you have to go to a cave to go to the magical land or whatever. fine. so far so good. there’s a path to the cave & a bunch of really-nice signposts… & then the cave. but, the cave has no door. in fact, the cave is just a big black hole. not good. click on the big black hole & you enter the new land. for the first few yards or whatever, things look ok. there’s a little house & there’s a guy & you can talk to the guy and then… what? what do i do? do i follow the sign down a path that doesn’t exist? i ran for minutes across barren landscape. nothing. not a cave, not a sign of life, not… not anything. i don’t get it.

not only that but whatever it does makes my game slow down to a crawl. look, i like playing games, not looking at slideshows. if i want a slideshow, i know where i can find one. personally, i want to play a game & silgrad tower ain’t it.

worse, when you finally find a town (btw, did i mention that there’s no world map? good luck on finding anything), that slideshow of yours slows down even more. i suffered no less then five crashes to desktop because of this siht & then i had enough. off of the hard drive you go, overly-ambitious oblivion mod!

the real kicker is that the one town that i went to was’nt even done! the further you went into town, the crappier things looked. ok, i get it, i’m playing the “public version” of your silly mod. the least you can do is make the “public version” look nice. i was really taken aback by the quality (or lack thereof) of this mod. i didn’t even feel a moment of nostalgia over seeing the morrowind-esque buildings because the “public version” of them were so crappy-looking.

the least these guys could’ve done was placed everything into an omod so that you could easily add & remove the mod instead of installing this & that into who-knows-how-many directories. furthermore, they have the audacity to advertise 2.5 as their latest version but you have to dig deeper to realize that they have these “public updates” that you also have to download. couldn’t you just add the updates into the 2.5 version for people who, oh, i don’t know, aren’t interested in reading 10 pages of posts & leave the updates to those who already have a previous version? wow.

that’s all i can say now. wow.

come back when you guys are ready for prime-time, ok? or when you’re mature enough to allow us unwashed masses to witness the “private version” that we’re just not worthy enough of experiencing.


live free or die hard (movie)…

for those with short attention spans – the movie was better then i expected but i’m tired of the politically-correct cliche that chicks are uber-fighting machines. please stop.

anyway, bruce willis has two great movies under his belt – die hard ( 1988 ) & the sixth sense (1999). there you go, those are the two movies he’ll be able to hang his hat on when he finally retires. die hard got turned into a franchise &, because of how the sixth sense ended (hint : he’s a ghost!) didn’t. yeah, i know – all movies are great & lots of great people work really hard on them & i shouldn’t insult them & blah blah biddity blah blah… look, not all movies are created equal & the fact of the matter is, some of them that he just so happens to be in sucks. that’s life. not every day is fantastic.

the last time we saw die hard, it was in 1995 with jeremy irons (oh, the fashions of the mid-90’s, how they will haunt us for decades to come… but i digress) &, at that point, the entire franchise had lost steam. die hard 3 was essentially an entirely different movie with john mcclane & the die hard mystique woven in. yeah, somewhat entertaining but, by then, it was time to put die hard to bed.

why they made another die hard… well, that’s hollywood. so, now we have live free or die hard but i preferred an earlier title, die hard 4.0 because, let’s face it, this movie is “die hard meets the interweb.” internet terrorists have crippled america with the proverbial “firesale,” a hacker term of bringing down all the major utilities & whatnot of the nation all at once. fine by me… my garden could always use some extra weeding anyway.

john mcclane, now a crusty old detective who is overprotective of his young adult daughter, must bring in a known computer hacker who has unwittingly helped the terrorists with their plot. mcclane, the terrorists & the hacker all get involved with an early fight that sets the tone for this mostly action-oriented movie. with the hacker’s eventual help, mcclane slowly squeezes the vice on the terrorists’ plans until a brief but climactic face-to-face showdown that not only involves himself but also his daughter that evokes a similar showdown in the very first die hard.

i actually liked this movie. will a build a shrine to it? no. will i put up a poster of bruce willis & draw little hearts all around his face? no. will i even buy the dvd of this lovely movie? no. however, it was a good movie. probably the only scene that i really hated was the first scene with willis & his daughter. yes, i get it – you’re overprotective. congrats – you could’ve established that in about 10 seconds & saved us from the over-long exposition. thank you. probably the only other scene that i didn’t like was the “meeting warlock’s mom” scene which smacked of such cliche that it stops the movie dead cold. wow. please don’t do that again. thank you. we get it – hackers are geeks that will never touch a woman’s nipple. thank you for sharing that with us. no, really, thank you. you wouldn’t believe what social norms i keep forgetting at times. it’s great to be reminded on occasion.

those two scenes aside, the movie moved along nicely & had a decent-enough flow to it. although i didn’t think that it would work, the villain was fairly believable for most of the movie. only towards the end, does the movie slow down enough where you realize that the villain looks like an evil version of ryan seacrest. at that point, he sort of lost credibility with me because i kept expecting him to interrupt the scene by saying, “…and i’ll tell who that is… after the break.”

the whole “interweb” angle was nice although concentrating on technology is always dangerous because technology always moves so quickly. i figure this film will be seriously dated in a decade & i’m sure it was picked apart by real hackers the moment it came out with “oh, you really can’t do that” & “gee, you can’t do such a thing so quickly with modern equipment” & the whatnot.

probably the biggest non-scene aspect of the movie that i didn’t like was the “homage” feel of it. yeah, it’s been 12 years since the last one but i hate franchises where the latest movie feels like the last. there’s a defeatist attitude in that & it has never sat well with me. the latest indiana jones movie supposedly does it to a high degree & so did star trek 4. i like my franchises going out on a high, not cobbling together a bunch of cameos & quirky easter eggs that refer to earlier films of the series as some sort of nostalgic “tip of the hat.”

ok, let me get to my really big gripe. don’t get me wrong – still like the film. nothing will change that. just remember that.

stop giving women in film uber-fighting abilities! stop! i don’t know who puts it in there, i don’t know why, i’m sure there’s some sort of marketing angle involved but it is just… pathetically… retarded.

look, i support women’s rights… who doesn’t? however, it’s like a superhero movie ignoring physics – it doesn’t work. women have less muscle mass then men. that’s a given. you can’t deny it. that doesn’t make them “faster” or “more agile” or whatever else hollywood has cooked up over the years. sure, women can build a certain amount of muscle mass. sure, a woman can learn fighting skills. however, in real fights, real fights, a man & woman of roughly equal weight & ability will most likely go to the man… quickly. that’s just how things are. so, john mcclane versus some chick… please. enough. he took out that btich’s kneecaps when he ran into her… with a truck. no need for the elevator scene. he didn’t even need to go that far.

i just get so tired of the tired convention of… “women are more agile then men.” no – that’s not true. men simply don’t concentrate on agility because they have access to more strength. men can be as agile as women if they concentrated on that aspect of their fighting skills. besides, speed is simply a matter of propulsion versus mass. flinging a pencil eraser at you at roughly 100 miles an hour… yah, that hurts. flinging an anvil at you at half that speed… i’d take my chances with the eraser.

anyway, gripe over. i have to do real work now. liked the movie. bottom line.


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