obama jumps shark, news at 11…

obama jumps shark after the break…

obama jumps shark, news at 11…

originally, i was too hot & too tired to write an entry. my cheapass wonderful place of employment has been allowing everyone in my entire department to swelter because the dumbass wonderful management didn’t want to pay to fix our central air conditioner… until now. no, it ain’t fixed – they just say that they’re going to now pay to have it fixed.

however, i just had to write about obama saying that he’s going to “expand” taxpayer-funded faith-based programs.

back the motherf***ing truck up.

you know, i understand that obama is heavily courting the evangelicals. why he’s courting them, i dunno – he’s a democrat & democrats tend not to yearn for the days of burning witches, creationism & restricting a woman’s right to choose.

the reality is that we need less religion, not more – humanity has strived in spite of religion, not because of it. you know those pyramids out in egypt? yeah, those ones. well, the pharoahs thought that they were rocket ships that would carry the pharoahs – just the pharoahs – into the heavens. rocket ships. thousands of egyptians, working diligently for decades, working to build a geometric shape that is the result of a religious delusion.

instead of building geometric shapes, perhaps the egyptians should’ve invested in… oh, i dunno… something a little more useful that could have extended the legacy of their empire. instead of a $3 trillion dollar war bunch of pyramids, what do you think the bush administration egyptians could’ve better spent their time & money on instead?

and obama wants to open those flood gates even wider then bush.


time to see what nader is up to.



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