muppets are dead, news at 11…

muppets are dead after the break…

muppets are dead, news at 11…

i’ve given up on this franchise. they’ve got nothing left.

  • sesame street – stuck in nowhere. really, these guys are the saddest of all because the love is gone & you can just feel it. cookies are a “sometimes” food? abby cadabby? i’m not even going to mention elmo… there’s no invention left, there’s no spark, it’s all just “how more politically correct can we get next season to be?”. and stop with the muppet interviews on grown-up shows – they are lame beyond belief! please… how lame is it when an adult tries to ‘break’ the muppet mystique by talking frank with a muppet or vice versa? yeah, yeah… i get it – the muppets can talk ‘trash’ with the best of them. cute, cute to see a sesame street puppet use pg-13 ideologies. cute.
  • “the muppets” – this just hurts. i dunno. disney is trying to do something with them but, really, what have they actually done? “wizard of oz.” that’s it. that’s all the new material that the muppets have to offer. in 4 years. “the wizard of oz.” oh, & some snippets of them on disney’s website. & some animatronic toy. yeah. good use of 4 years. i hear they’re trying to make a new muppet movie. “try” is the operative word. just like the failed “america’s next muppet” failure. i’ve heard of a 10-minute demo reel of yet another reincarnation of “the muppet show.” i’m sure that went over well in flying colors.
  • fraggle rock – first ahmet zappa was going to write it, now he’s executive producer, and… nothing is still happening. something about weinstein producing it &… how many years has this been stalled? you know what? in 2 years, i’ll revisit this to see if they actually made something out it. odds are, it’ll be a direct-to-dvd affair if it even gets made at all.
  • dark crystal – i love it when people announce things & then it just vaporizes into thin air. froud is doing something with it, now he’s not, now he is, it’s straight to dvd, no it’s not it just takes time to get the finances in order, the guy from samauri jack is directing it, no he isn’t… enough. another direct-to-dvd thingy if it ever gets made.
  • everything else – i dunno. where to begin? tween-targetting skrumps? statler & waldorf at puppet up (muppets telling r-rated jokes)? i can’t pick on sid the science kid only because that’s not out yet but what else does jim henson have going for it? the emmer otter musical (no joke)?

time to put the franchise to bed. couldn’t live without it’s creator. reality time. bye-bye.

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