no trike for me…

no trike for me after the break…

no trike for me…

i like the concept of bicycling. honest.

except for the balancing, the going up the hills, the bike seat purposely designed to foil any attempt at producing children, the exhaustion… yeah, bicycling ain’t bad. oh, yeah, i’m also not too thrilled about the bicycle shorts that leave nothing to the imagination.

recumbent tricycles seem to be the place to go. no need for “balancing,” you can go up the hill as slowly as you want because there’s no need for forward momentum to keep you balanced… i’d love a recumbent tricycle that’s not as expensive as a used car!

holy crud. those things are expensive. what are they? made out of gold? i mean, normal bicycles can get pricey if you want something exotic but these things are pricey right out of the gate! the cheap ones are pricey & they’re the cheap ones!

so… no trike for me. back to the car i go. it was a nice dream, though. i’ll grant myself that much.


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