stan winston…

stan winston after the break…

stan winston…

can you old guys stop dropping dead for a while? can you just stop?

look, i know that you guys are old & old people tend to die more often then young people. i’m not stupid. old = decay & you can also get cancer & all sorts of other stuff.

folks, i’m getting tired of writing about dead old people. another day, another old dead guy who was worth a damn on this planet. stop!

i mean, we just had tim russert kick the bucket for crying out loud! tim russert! ok, 58 isn’t as old as it used to be but, come on, tim russert…

behind tim russert there’s been arthur c clarke, gary gygax, roy schneider… i mean, over the span of some weekend not too long ago there were a bunch of other old people that died off, too. bo diddley dropped dead not too long ago & i didn’t even mention him! oh yeah, that conservative guy, buckley whatever, he dropped dead, too.

look, let’s cut a deal, ok? you guys can drop dead if you want to – nobody’s stopping you if you want to drop dead. i’m not stopping you so if you’re being stopped from dropping dead, it ain’t coming from here.

however, all i’m asking is that you spread the death thing out just a little bit. spread it out. get together, call each other up, e-mail or text message each other & just figure out a schedule that everyone’s comfortable with. once a week, twice a week, whatever makes you happy. if you guys want to drop dead only on thursdays, then fine – we’ll have a “who dropped dead today on thursday” segment here. i’m very flexible about this. i only want to give you the respect that you deserve. that’s all.

now it’s stan winston. stan winston has dropped dead & he was the ray harryhausen of our time. winston was a special effects guy who worked on a lot of “modern classic” movies that you’ve probably seen, like “aliens” & “terminator” & things like that. google him. you’ll thank yourself later for it.

well, i’m sorry that he’s gone. condolences & all that crap.

so… who’s next?



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