burnt out…

burnt out & the whizzball report(?) all after the break…

burnt out…

i’m burnt out for today. real hard day at work confronting all of the usual office politics. usually, you know of the office politics but never blatantly see it. it’s like a mouse – you see that the cheese has been gnawed at, you see the trail of crumbs go into a mouse hole & someone even tells you that they’ve seen a mouse. however, you never see the fcuker because you know how mice are – those things just fly across the floor like they’ve got a jet engine on their back (a tiny one, naturally).

well, today, i not only saw the “mouse” but saw the fcuker twice as it waved at me, laughed & then waltzed off with a huge chunk of cheese knowing full well it was immune to just about everything short of something blatantly illegal.


the first time was when i asked one of my co-workers for help on a project. my co-worker, i’ll call her “alice,” absolutely hates the guts of her boss who i’ll call (with nary a bad intention in my heart) “darth vader.”

“alice, if you can’t help me out with this, then i need you to ask darth vader what she wants this to be on the report.”

her response:

“oh, i can’t do that. i’ve gone as far as i can go. i honestly don’t know how to proceed.”

uh, my reply:

“alice, this is your specialty. this is your job. just tell darth vader that you don’t know how this part of the project should be reflected on the report.”


“i’ll see what i can do.”

me, 20 minutes or so from deadline:

“alice, has darth vader gotten back to you on how it should be reflected in the report.”


“no. i can’t help you anymore. i don’t know what to suggest.”

at this point, thoughts of absolute murder sunshine & kittens raced through my skull. here’s what i wanted to say, though (slightly edited for content & to protect identities):

alice, you fcuk! this is your job! your fcuking job! this is your field! this is why you work here – to do this part of the job! i asked you to do one thing – one fcuking thing – to ask darth vader how darth vader wants this reflected on the report! why? because you can’t figure it out. that’s why! darth vader sits not fifty feet away from you! i am not you! i don’t know how to do your job & that’s why i needed you, who does know how to do your job, to speak with darth vader on how darth vader wants this reflected in the report because between the two of you, you can figure out this out while i can’t! that’s called motherfcuking teamwork when you have a chance to look it up on one of 9,000 fcuking smoke breaks that you fcuking take on a given fcuking day!

needless to say, i wasn’t happy. see, those two individuals would watch each other drown then to even contemplate the thought of maybe helping the other. granted, i have no kind words for darth vader myself (there’s a reason why i used the term, “darth vader”) but it wasn’t like i was asking this person to write a flowing love letter professing all kind things about darth vader. just ask darth vader how they want this part of the report to be reflected.

so, because the two idiots aren’t on speaking terms at all in the most blatant of ways, i had to sort it out myself with darth vader personally.

i’d write about the second incident but there’s no need for me to raise my blood pressure any higher then it already is.

so, for today, no talk about politics or celebrities or junk. just chillin’ & trying to calm down from the bs.

the whizzball report…

i don’t know what’s wrong with those dudes. three days straight something is wrong with their website. i’ll keep trying, though.



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