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techtite, skeptologists, rambo (2008 film), the whizzball report #1 & #2 after the break…


i’ve been browsing (surfing, reading, whatever verb is current popular) the web for so long now that i think i’ve seen pretty much all there is in the categories i want to see. actually, that’s sad because that means either the web has stagnated or i have. it’s probably me because, let’s face it, i get my comic strip names screwed up far too often for comfort.

being a chronic web addict, i have about a bajillion websites bookmarked at any given moment & it’s a pain in the royal posterior to even contemplate going through them all to see which ones are worthy of staying & which ones don’t even exist anymore. i don’t just have web 1.0 sites, i have web 0.1 sites still lodged in my bookmarks. that’s how dauntingly titanic my bookmark list is.

however, every now & then when i’m just too gosh darn bored to get my buttocks ripped apart from some jerky ctrl-alt-del fanatic who can’t even follow one simple step to getting their post commented, i do try to clean up my bookmarks so that at least half of them don’t come up with some darling variant of “404 not found” response.

not too long ago, i blew the dust (no, not in a sexual way) off of one bookmark for “techtite.com.” i like to call websites like these “time machines” because this website looks like you’ve accidentally stepped back into the year 1997. that’s how old & stuffy the html layout of that site is.

ok, it’s not fair to pick on someone’s personal website but this isn’t someone’s “here are pictures of all my grandma’s cats” type of websites but a website that purportedly wants to be some sort of big entertainment clearinghouse type of website like a chud.com or a gamespot or something but got about 5 feet off of the launch pad before sputtering & exploding.

anyway, i was simply amazed that this website was still around, was still trying to be some sort of clinical style review/editorial site but had all of the style & grace of a fifth-grader’s html 1.0 website homework project from 2001.

so to the techtite.com person, i say, congratulations good sir for keeping your website open for the last 20 years or so. do consider changing your site’s layout so that it looks like it belongs within the last five years or so, though. actually, truth be told, you should just convert your site into a blog because that’s what it reminds me of – a pre-blog website that wanted to be a blog but couldn’t because blogs weren’t invented back then. well, sir, blogs sure are invented now & you should peruse the finest blog sites to see if they fit your exacting specifications.



not too long ago, i saw a little preview for a tv pilot called “the skeptologists.” in short, it’s a bunch of skeptics who completely lay waste to all the pseudo-science they touch. sort of like what the show “mythbusters” might be if they owned a pair & actually decided to use them on occasion.

because the premise is steeped in intelligence & reasoning, i predict the show will go nowhere. “mythbusters” is fairly neutered, always targeting concepts that have no champions. even the few times when “mythbusters” go after actual products, they never have the balls to actually name the products that they’re debunking. pseudo-science, on the other hand, is an actual monetary industry & has plenty of people who are more then willing to “defend” it with lawsuits & lawyers & the such.

as much as i’d love to see this tv pilot make it to production, i think tv execs might not want a show that’s biting the hand of the tv station feeding it with infomercials of such crap like sticking pads on one’s feet to cure cancer or some similar bunk.

oh well.

rambo (2008 film)…

i’m not a john rambo fan. that’s not to say that the rambo franchise isn’t valid – hey, don’t let me stop you from enjoying your personally autographed “rambo: first blood part 2” videotape. i just haven’t waited with baited breath for the last century & a half for the hollywood powers-that-be to make a new film starring everyone’s favorite uber-patriotic ex-vietnam vet.

i find it a little ironic that the rambo franchise has come full circle on so many different levels. check it out –

  • the first movie (“first blood”) was based on a book that had john rambo engaging in an almost never-ending bloodbath. the movie, obviously, toned down john rambo to the point where the only time he ever kills anyone is by accident. “rambo,” the fourth film, features such raw carnage that you’d think they were making up for all the anti-septic violence from the first three movies.
  • the first film started out in rainy seattle (rusty memory alert – don’t shoot the rusty memory) & ends in rainy myanmar (burma, whatever they want to call themselves now).
  • the beginning of the first film has rambo walking down a road. the last scene of the fourth film has rambo walking down a road in much the same way (oh, i’m sorry – did i just ruin the rambo movie for you? like you didn’t secretly know in your heart that he lives… ignorance is bliss, i’ll grant you that…)

ok, enough crap. i was going to keep going with the list but i want to wrap this up.

the movie finds rambo trying to make peace with himself in some asian country. he’s living the life of a simpleton or whatever he’s doing (fixing his boat, catching cobras with his bare hands… you know, the stuff that you find most vietnam vets doing these days to pass the time). a group of pacifists asks to have rambo skirt them up the river into nasty ol’ myanmar so that they can help cure cancer & all the good things that these people tend to do for people still living like it’s the bronze age. rambo reluctantly agrees to transport the people & he does so. of course, the bad guys attack the village that the pacifists are working at, capture the pacifists and… well, rambo helps out a group of mercenaries to rescue the pacifists.

this is rambo we’re talking about, not “remains of the day.”

folks, this isn’t a bad movie. however, there really isn’t a whole lot here. actually, i found the brutal violence kind of refreshing. i’m sort of guessing that being shot with a .50 caliber shell would most likely cut you in half so it was nice to actually see a soldier get cut in half rather then the usual 5-cent “grab your chest & fall straight to the ground” maneuver.

some of the messages were more then a bit ham-fisted (the pacifist braining an enemy soldier towards the end. anyone? anyone?) but what can you expect? it’s rambo, he’s shooting down airplanes with his bow & arrow while jumping over a twenty-foot wide canyon that’s a mile deep. leave your brain elsewhere & enjoy the carnage.

the whizzball report #1…

start = 289. end = 286. net gain = +3.

the whizzball report #2…

start = 286. end = 285. net gain = +1.


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